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Sev was a rock band from the Northern Virginia area who appeared in a national advertising campaign for Pepsi Blue. Sev also appeared on the website come-alive show Farmclub and performed at HFStival, the summer festival in the Washington D.C. area that typically sets off the summer concert season.

SEV (company)

SEV is a power producer and distributor on the Faroe Islands. The company name is derived from the names of islands Streymoy, Eysturoy and Vágar, which established the company on 1 October 1946. All municipalities in Vágar, all in Eysturoy except for Sjóvar municipality and all municipalities in Streymoy except for Tórshavn, Kvívík and Kollafjørður met at the first establishing meeting. Later all municipalities in the Faroe Islands joined SEV. In 2015 60% of the produced energy of SEV came from green energy, 17,8% came from the windmills in Neshagi and Húsahagi, 42,3% came from hydroenergy.

Sev (song)

"Sev" ("Love") was the Turkish entry to the Eurovision Song Contest 1995, held in Dublin, Ireland. The song was composed and conducted by Melih Kibar.

The song was performed tenth on the night of the contest, following Spain's Anabel Conde with " Vuelve conmigo" and preceding Croatia's Magazin & Lidija with " Nostalgija". The song received 21 points, placing 16th in a field of 25.

The song was succeeded as Turkish representative at the 1996 contest by Şebnem Paker with " Beşinci mevsim".

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Sev (food)

Sev is a popular Indian snack food consisting of small pieces of crunchy noodles made from chickpea flour paste, which are seasoned with turmeric, cayenne, and ajwain before being deep-fried in oil. These noodles vary in thickness. Ready-to-eat varieties of Sev, including flavoured Sev, are available in Indian stores.

Sev is eaten as a standalone snack as well as a topping on dishes like Bhelpuri and Sevpuri. Sev can be made at home and stored for weeks in airtight containers.

The snack is popular in Madhya Pradesh, especially in the cities of Indore, where many snack foods consist of sev as a main ingredient. In Madhya Pradesh, sev is used as a side ingredient in almost every chaat snack food, especially ratlami sev, which is made from cloves and chickpea flour. Many varieties of sev are sold commercially, such as long (clove) sev, tomato Sev, palak sev, plain sev, and bhujia.

Puri.jpg|250px|Yellow bits of Sev atop sevpuri

Usage examples of "sev".

The gray-eyed man surveyed Sev with eyes that took in every feint mark of healing bruises and scraped skin.

Even now, Sev reckoned he would rather have a fight with Fassa than party with any six other girls of his acquaintance.

The temporary wall squeaked in protest and Sev straightened up quickly.

The world was a faceted diamond of images: painted bulkheads, pseudosteel corridors, Sev still strapped to his bunk for the Singularity transition, the central cabin viewed from three angles at once: all framed by the external sensor views of blackness spattered by the fire of distant suns.

Darnell was to fake a minor gambling and embezzling record that would discredit Sev with his employers.

He was a total stranger, he was Sev, he was Senator Cenevix, he was Faul del Parma.

But Sev had inhaled enough to make him slump against the wall, too woozy to carry himself and Caleb farther.

She had no housekeeping servos within the lift itself Sev had to stagger forward, out of the lift, fetching up against the freshly painted corridor wall with a thump.

The sooner he was here, the sooner Sev could be released from guard duty to go watch over Caleb.

And it was all her fault Fassa cried out once and threw something across the cabin with all her might, and Sev Bryley burst through the unlatched door.

She began by hinting to Sev that she might be able to inform on a whole gang of criminals in the Nyota system if doing so would get her a reduced sentence.

While Forister remained on board as a nominal guard for Fassa, Sev lounged about the public rooms at Summerlands trying to look like a worried friend-or-relative and chatting up the recuperating VIPs.

At the same time she tracked Sev while he prowled the hallways of Summerlands Clinic and listened for any scrap of information about a patient named Valden Alien Hopkirk.

Glancing doubtfully at the artificial Capella fern beside Sev, they moved to the other side of the room and seated themselves well away from the strange, dour young man and his talking plant.

The hand came down for a second time, like an earthquake or an avalanche, vast, implacable, and as Sev twisted away the needle slid into flesh, quiet as a whisper, smooth as sleep.