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snack food

n. 1 A food traditionally or commonly consumed as a snack between meals. 2 Any other food consumed as a snack.

snack food

n. food for light meals or for eating between meals

Usage examples of "snack food".

All during the week he had come home from school, taken snack food into his room, and closed the door.

Thinking of people as snack food showed how undone she was by Istvan's appearance once more in her orderly, quiet life.

After a few minutes Jimmy returned, shivering, with a flattened-out snack food bag.

It is certainly quite easy to forget that you are in charge of two tons of speeding metal, and it is only when you start to scatter emergency cones at roadwork sites or a truck honks at you as you drift into its path that you are jolted back to reality and you realize that henceforth you probably shouldn't leave your seat to search for snack food.

The stuffed clone of Runs-red-Talking went headfirst into a bag laden with cereal and snack food.