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n. (plural of sept English)

Usage examples of "septs".

When the old fool, Douver, set down the papers the Council of Septs had for him to sign, Phoran had just picked them up, tucked them under his arm, and announced to the almost empty room that he would take them under advisement.

The Sept of Gorrish fancied himself de facto ruler, and the Septs who followed him, Telleridge, and the like, would do their best to fight any sign of independence.

Emperor and his Septs hide their lands and titles away from us, thinking that they have rendered us powerless, helpless.

Far enough down that many of the Septs would have relaxed their guard, but not so far that they would have quit listening entirely.

His instincts told him that if he were not able to take control of the Septs at this meeting, he never would.

His action caught the attention of the Septs, buying him a momentary lull in the noise.

It would be a poor emperor who took lands away from Septs who have committed no offense.

And the Septs all sat silently in their seats as Phoran read through every last one of the documents.

If he could control the Septs, then surely he could rid himself of this curse.

But so many Septs would make any group powerful, and powerful groups seek more power.

Finally, having had enough of the fawning, resentful Septs, Phoran sent for Avar to go riding with him.

The Septs will require a lot of work on my part before I know who will back me and why.

I thought it would be good to find backing here, where the Septs are too proud to look.

Also a high percentage of the followers of the Path found themselves Septs, though they might have been as many as eight or ten people away from the inheritance when the plague hit.

The septs are packed to bursting, and the red priests have lit their temple fires.