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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ He was a sensualist, she thought in despair.
▪ Mandru did not insist on it because he was a sensualist.
▪ Monsieur Humbrecht must be a sensualist at heart.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Sensualist \Sen"su*al*ist\, n. [CF. F. sensualiste.]

  1. One who is sensual; one given to the indulgence of the appetites or senses as the means of happiness.

  2. One who holds to the doctrine of sensualism.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1660s, from sensual + -ist.


n. 1 A person who believes in enjoying sensuality and the experience of pleasant sensations. 2 One who holds to the doctrine of sensualism.


n. a person who enjoys sensuality


Usage examples of "sensualist".

And then at length with the great red umbrella of royalty held over him, came the Sultan himself, the elderly sensualist, with his dusky cheeks, his rheumy eyes, his thick lips, and his heavy nostrils.

On top of that, Madison was a sexy sensualist who liked to skinny-dip.

He showed none of that indifference or disdain for woman that the proud barbarian exhibits, or of that heartless contempt which the vicious sensualist manifests.

Muoth was wretched and self-tormented, the charming woman was pathetic and miserable as the lady friend of a restless sensualist who knew no joy, and yet she was good and kind and acquainted with suffering.

Like the changeling, he was a quick study, but he was a sensualist, indifferent to knowledge.

Whoever faced a Roman gladiator under the critical gaze of a crowd that knew all the points of fighting and could instantly detect, and did instantly resent pretense, fraud, trickery, the poor condition of one combatant or the unwillingness of one man to have at another in deadly earnest, had to be not only in the pink of bodily condition but a fighter such as no drunken sensualist could ever hope to be.

When pinched ascetic and red sensualist Alternately recurrent freeze or burn, And of its old religions it has doubts.

Brother, he was a philosopher, pursuing many of your own intellectual paths, while at the same time he was a sensualist like me, seeking knowledge of astronomy and the healing arts.

The young sensualist was in an ecstasy of gratitude to his late refection, and the slightest word recalled him to it.

His worn-out passion, resembling in its impotent fierceness the excitement of a senile sensualist, was badly served by a dried throat and toothless gums which seemed to catch the tip of his tongue.

Below, was the heavy jowl of the sensualist curving in a broad crease over his cravat.

Wallace, like Denny Fouts, was more conversationalist than sensualist.

London was aware of this, and though he describes the caste of plutocrats who rule the world for seven centuries as inhuman monsters, he does not describe them as idlers or sensualists.

There's no way to cheat a sensualist like me, somebody who can die laughing for hours over the pattern of the carpet in a hotel lobby.

However, the romantic sensualists appealed to her viscera, as the precisionists did to her cerebrum.