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semantic network

n. 1 (context advertising English) a quantitative research technique that analyzes the data in a control cell against a test cell to determine how viewing an ad strengthens the linkages between related ideas in a product category. 2 (context marketing English) a quantitative research technique used to develop “selling pathways” to motivate sales. 3 A graph whose vertices represent concepts and edges represent semantic relations, such as synonymy—having very similar meaning, hyponymy—being a subclass, or meronymy—being a part of a whole.

Semantic network

A semantic network, or frame network, is a network that represents semantic relations between concepts. This is often used as a form of knowledge representation. It is a directed or undirected graph consisting of vertices, which represent concepts, and edges, which represent semantic relations between concepts.

Usage examples of "semantic network".

An elephantine semantic network sits down on his spectacles as soon as he asks for the site, crushing his surroundings into blocky pixellated monochrome that jerks as he looks around.