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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
a book seller (=a person, shop, or company selling books)
▪ High street book sellers are experiencing a drop in sales.
seller's market
▪ With reports of a big seller, Vodafone suffered a short-lived dip to 351p.
▪ It was an electronic piano keyboard, a rip-off of the Yamaha instrument that was a big Christmas seller in the States.
▪ Again, Jurassic Park is among the biggest sellers.
▪ The bank was a big seller of six-year bonds yesterday, traders said.
▪ The biggest seller is Tracy Island, a £32.99 model of the organisation's secret base, complete with collapsing palm trees.
▪ Hockey-related video and computer games are big sellers.
▪ Crime is not the only big seller.
▪ It became the biggest seller of stocks and bonds by slowly building an investment bank on top of its traditional brokerage business.
▪ His album Stars was last year's best seller and spawned a string of hit singles.
▪ Her book became an international best seller.
▪ Alcohol and western cigarettes are best sellers.
▪ Q.. What makes a book a best seller?
▪ Newspapers and magazines carry extensive coverage of diet and health topics and diet books are among the best sellers.
▪ The man who made a best seller out of a defamatory rant now wants to make a best seller out of repentance.
▪ Voice over Mrs De Winter is already tipped as being one of the best sellers this year.
▪ Convinced it had a best seller on its hands, Random House came up with the unorthodox idea of relaunching the book.
▪ San Francisco has been the hottest seller since single-game tickets went on sale.
▪ Among hot sellers, 16 out of 21 wound up doing worse than the Standard&038;.
▪ So to the major sellers of 1993.
▪ But not all money managers will look back on 1995 fondly. Short sellers took it on the chin last year.
▪ The top 10 sellers last month were: Ford Escort, 12,063.
▪ Peugeot saw a fall, despite pushing 205 and 405 ranges into the top 10 best sellers for the month.
▪ Thus a seller who in the normal way has accepted a cheque which is later dishonoured, is an unpaid seller.
▪ It is of course possible for the unpaid seller to re-sell the goods in circumstances where he has no right to do so.
▪ Ken also played a man selling luminous leprechauns and a newspaper seller talking inconsequential nonsense to the proprietor of a coffee stall.
▪ The newspaper seller who barks his wares at the corner of Baker Street is a talented example of his profession.
▪ Time allowed 07:00 Read in studio A newspaper seller has become a father ... at the age of 78.
▪ See that newspaper seller, Watson?
▪ Momentarily at least, the deposit is willingly accepted by the seller.
▪ You might then telephone the agent and find out who is acting for the seller.
▪ Here are some points on this agenda when you act for a seller, mortgagor or lessor. 1.
▪ For instance, a contract of sale might include a term allowing the seller to alter the delivery date.
▪ Similarly, breach of condition by the buyer allows the seller to treat the contract as repudiated and terminate it.
▪ All books are welcome, and so are all purchasers, as Oxfam hopes the book appeal becomes a best seller.
▪ Her book became an international best seller.
▪ So Dall became the seller, although he actually needed to buy.
▪ Published in 1978, the book, with the same title as the play, became a best seller.
▪ Noble stores before the relaunch, believes it will become a best seller this time around.
▪ It became the biggest seller of stocks and bonds by slowly building an investment bank on top of its traditional brokerage business.
▪ Rees J. held that nevertheless the sellers were liable for all the dam age.
▪ It was held that the seller made a misrepresentation.
▪ In the case of selling part, the seller does, of course, retain the original deeds packet.
a buyer's/seller's market
▪ Both buyer and seller should agree on the terms before the contract is signed.
▪ Monopolists are not regulated by the will of society as are competitive sellers.
▪ So Dall became the seller, although he actually needed to buy.
▪ The seller thus wants to make acceptance as quick, simple and decisive as possible.
▪ The sellers may act as trustees for sale, and sell in that capacity.
▪ They are hidden because such taxes are typically shifted by sellers to consumers through higher product prices.
▪ Who remembers most of yesterday's best sellers?
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Seller \Sell"er\, n. One who sells.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

c.1200, agent noun from sell (v.).


Etymology 1 n. 1 Someone who sells; a vender; a clerk 2 Something which sells Etymology 2

n. (obsolete spelling of cellar English)


n. someone who promotes or exchanges goods or services for money [syn: marketer, vender, vendor, trafficker]

Seller (surname)

Seller is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Abednego Seller (1646?–1705), English writer
  • Chris Seller (born 1977), Canadian lacrosse player
  • Jeffrey Seller, American theatrical producer
  • Wolf Dieter Seller, German canoeist

Usage examples of "seller".

Assorted Alliteration Annexe, the superior sellers of stressed syllable or similar-sounding speech sequences since the sixteenth century.

Street-vendors appear from under the scaffold to offer mugs of water and aniseed, pushing and jostling past sellers of bread and offal, of boiled squid and cactus fruit.

The leaves and stem are slightly acid and astringent, with a somewhat bitter taste, and frequently the former are mixed by sellers of water-cresses with their stock-in-trade.

The dog-collar seller tips his billycock and disappears, but his luckless companion, having fetched a small black object out of his knapsack, lingers.

Kif sellers, peddlers of babaku chicken with texasauce, of miso, of combs and brushes, of incense.

Even if he took the posters off it, even the canvas cover, people would see him for a traveller, a seller, quack, musician or a mountebank, but if he left it and just took the nag, he gave up his home, his bed, and all his trade trickery.

Some three or four hundred diggers arrived from Creswick-creek, a gold-field famous for its pennyweight fortunes--grubbed up through hard work, and squandered in dissipation among the swarm of sly-grog sellers in the district.

Raf waved away an even smaller coin the falafel seller offered as change and bit into his warm pitta bread, tasting fresh coriander and feeling oil run into his beard.

At the close, most of the sellers, had they been granted another five minutes, would have repurchased, even at a loss, what they had sold, for it looked as though they had sold themselves into a trap.

Inglesham again as they threaded their way through booths and wagons manned by thimbleriggers, card sellers, and vendors of every sort of food and drink.

Vic would no doubt be collecting a sizable kickback from the seller, along with the commission from his client, and Ronnie North looked expansively pleased both with his status as underbidder for this one horse and with life in general.

Now, as the Acoma retinue passed between the overcrowded tenements, the spicy, smoke-scented air that issued from the dens of the drug-flower sellers became prevalent.

Each was preceded by days of discussion with the seller, and study of the beasts themselves, while Craig enjoyed the traditional hospitality of the Afrikaner country folk.

In the courts and squares of the great cities ambassadors from Brasil and Benin, from Eireland and Corea mingled with tabaco sellers, with commedia players from Bergamo, with dealers in fortune bonds.

I found from speaking with sellers of walking sticks that my guess was correct: there were but four or five chief selections of canes available made from Malacca in Baltimore, and likely in Richmond, as well.