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n. concern only for oneself


n. attempting to get personal recognition for yourself (especially by unacceptable means) [syn: egoism, egocentrism, self-interest, self-concern] [ant: altruism]

Usage examples of "self-centeredness".

Be especially careful if you have any of these personality traits: (a) compulsiveness --perfectionistic, unemotional, over-controlled--because they come unglued when they backslide, (b) dependency--indecisive, clinging--because they go back to drugs when others abandon them, (c) passive-aggressiveness --resistive, procrastinating, blaming--because they drive others away and then can't handle their own anger, (d) self-centeredness --egotistical, pushy--because they don't admit their problems, and (e) rebelliousness --impulsive, antisocial--because they resent anyone offering help.

Among the characteristics of a psychopathic personality are extreme self-centeredness and a disregard for moral and social responsibilities.