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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Seg \Seg\, n. [See Sedge.] (Bot.)

  1. Sedge. [Obs.]

  2. The gladen, and other species of Iris.


Seg \Seg\, n. [Probably from the root of L. secare to cut.] A castrated bull. [Prov. Eng. & Scot.]


Etymology 1 alt. 1 (context archaic English) A man; warrior; hero. 2 (context UK dialectal English) A man; fellow. n. 1 (context archaic English) A man; warrior; hero. 2 (context UK dialectal English) A man; fellow. Etymology 2

n. (context UK Scotland dialect English) A castrated bull. Etymology 3

n. (context US prison slang uncountable English) segregation Etymology 4

n. 1 A metal stud or plate fixed to the sole or heel of a shoe to prevent excessive wear. Also known as a blakey. 2 (context dialect English) A callus, an area of hardened skin. Etymology 5

n. 1 sedge 2 gladen, or other species of ''Iris''


SEG may be an acronym for:

  • Special Effects Generator, used in a television studio
  • Semaphore Entertainment Group, a pay-per-view company which co-founded the Ultimate Fighting Championship
  • Special Escort Group (Metropolitan Police), escort important persons, valuable or hazardous cargoes in London, England
  • Special Escort Group (Ministry of Defence Police), protects nuclear materials in transit between United Kingdom military establishments
  • Supplementum Epigraphicum Graecum, an annual publication of new ancient Greek inscriptions
  • Select Employee Group, a group of people eligible for credit union membership

Usage examples of "seg".

Bros stood looking at Seg with his arms crossed, hands clutching his arms.

Bros indicated a conference room and with a gesture invited Seg to precede him into it.

Sperin was a legend in the lore of Central Security, and Seg had hunted each and every story about him to the source, confirming every unbelievable tale.

Now Seg had only to hope that his supervisor would confirm the alleged field appointment he was supposedly reporting for.

But Seg had made a few artistic adjustments to the original, lending a whole new aspect to the tape.

There was no doubt that in this case one of those details would be to check the contents of the recording Seg had given him with Clenst.

A human about whom Seg had assembled an intimidating dossier that seemed to confirm his guilt in the theft of the missing diseases.

Actually, Seg had no idea whether his boss was guilty or not, but the appearance was so damning that the man had gone along with his plan.

It was hard for a member of another species to be shocked by human tastes in erotic entertainment, but Seg managed it.

For a moment he thought that Seg had burst into song, but the voice was deeper and more gravelly.

Bros withdrew his credit chip from the meter and dragged Seg out of the ground-car by his sleeve.

She cut off the transmission and Seg once again locked down the com before anyone spoke.

Even Seg had deserted him to follow Joseph around like an eager puppy.

By connecting his own diagnostic devices to those contained in the pod Seg was able to determine that Amos was in very good health.

Joseph reached out and grabbed Seg, flinging him hard against the open life-pod.