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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Scholia \Scho"li*a\, n. pl. See Scholium.


Scholium \Scho"li*um\, n.; pl. L. Scholia, E. Scholiums.

  1. A marginal annotation; an explanatory remark or comment; specifically, an explanatory comment on the text of a classic author by an early grammarian.

  2. A remark or observation subjoined to a demonstration or a train of reasoning.


n. (plural of scholium English)


See scholium

Not to be confused with skolion.

Scholia (singular scholium or scholion, from , "comment, interpretation") are grammatical, critical, or explanatory comments, either original or extracted from pre-existing commentaries, which are inserted on the margin of the manuscript of an ancient author, as glosses. One who writes scholia is a scholiast. The earliest attested use of the word dates to the 1st century BC.

Usage examples of "scholia".

For centuries, since your postatomic times at least, some prominent Terran theorists have been noticing what seem to be linkages between old traditions of your world about the way life works-the Tao,' I think the term is-and classical physics, especially the scholia that deal with subatomic particle interactions.

I awaken at the Scholia barracks, that place of red sand and blue sky and great stone faces, am summoned by the Muse, get sniffed and passed by the murderous cerberids, am duly carried the seventeen vertical miles to the grassy summits of Olympos via the high-speed east-slope crystal escalator and—once reported in at the Muse’s empty villa—receive my briefing from the scholic going off-shift, don my morphing gear and impact armor, slide the taser baton into my belt, and then QT to the evening plains of Ilium.

The data we have so far threaten to affect the whole fabric of physics-not just the 'classical' forms, but even nonhominid scholia such as K't'lk's.

In any case, how could I be sure that the text known to Adso or the monks whose discussions he recorded did not also contain, among glosses, scholia, and various appendices, annotations that would go on to enrich subsequent scholarship?