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Schliemann (crater)

Schliemann is a lunar impact crater on the far side of the Moon. It is located just to the northwest of the somewhat larger crater Ventris, and to the northeast of the prominent Chaplygin. Farther to the northeast of Schliemann is the large Mandel'shtam.

This crater has undergone a moderate amount of impact erosion, although no significant craters lie across the rim. The interior floor is marked by several small craterlets that form an arcing group in the southern half of the crater. There is also a small craterlet near the northern inner wall.

Schliemann (disambiguation)

Schliemann may refer to:

  • Heinrich Schliemann (1822–1890), German pioneer in archaeology
  • Agamemnon Schliemann (1878–1954), Greek ambassador to the United States, son of Heinrich
  • Luise Therese Sophie Schliemann (1793–1831) mother of Heinrich Schliemann
  • Christian Schliemann (born 1962), German field hockey player
  • Schliemann Gold (aka Priam's Treasure), cache of gold and artifacts discovered by Heinrich Schliemann
  • Schliemann Defence, an opening in the game of chess
  • 3302 Schliemann, a main-belt asteroid