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n. (plural of scheme English) vb. (en-third-person singular of: scheme)

Usage examples of "schemes".

Their plans and schemes netted his feet in fairyland just as surely as the weight of their little warm, soft bodies fastened him to the boulder where he sat.

What was a Scheme for Disabled Thingumabobs compared to the endless, farreaching schemes that life in Bourcelles suggested to him!

Start with the key prosecution witnesses: Ray Takiff, a phenomenally crooked lawyer who went undercover to pass out FBI bribes, and Circuit Judge Roy Gelber, a phenomenally crooked judge who brokered corrupt schemes with other judges.

Then, with a violent jump, his thoughts flew to other things, and he considered one by one the various philanthropic schemes he had cherished against the day when he could realise them.

But the schemes seemed one and all wild now, impracticable, already accomplished by others better than he could hope to accomplish them, and none of them fulfilling the first essential his practical mind demanded--knowing his money spent precisely as he wished.

He was embarking upon other novel schemes when there was a ring at the bell, and the charwoman, who passed with him for servant, ushered in his private secretary, Mr.

Desire to do something for others ran races with little practical schemes for carrying it out.

People are constantly plotting against Castro, and often the schemes end up on some broken-down boat, loaded with incriminating ammo.

Perhaps voters will look kindly on such ambitious schemes, and eagerly surrender more local parks to private enterprise.

Anyway, he worked mostly on the indoor environment, not the crazy schemes for modifying the planet itself.

Side by side with this went on another work of peaceful internal administration which we can but dimly trace in the dearth of all written records, but which was ultimately to prove of far greater significance than the imperial schemes that in the eyes of his contemporaries took so much larger proportions and shone with so much brighter lustre.

But while the king was still busied in devising schemes for the punishment or ruin of Thomas, came news that he was rid of his enemy, and that the archbishop had won the long looked-for crown of martyrdom.

Amid the ruin that overwhelmed his imperial schemes, his realm of England stood as the true and lasting memorial of his genius.

Shadows, despite their vaunted superiority, were going to be destroyed by the schemes of one of their number.

I always delight in overthrowing those kind of schemes, and cheating a person of their premeditated contempt.