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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Sate \Sate\, v. t. [imp. & p. p. Sated; p. pr. & vb. n. Sating.] [Probably shortened fr. satiate: cf. L. satur full. See Satiate.] To satisfy the desire or appetite of; to satiate; to glut; to surfeit.

Crowds of wanderers sated with the business and pleasure of great cities.

  1. 1 In a state of complete and thorough satisfaction. 2 quelled of thirst or hunger. v

  2. (en-simple past of: sate)


adj. fed beyond capacity or desire [syn: gorged, surfeited]

Usage examples of "sated".

When Conscience lulls her sated snake, And Tyrants sleep, let Freedom wake.

High on the left bank above the cataracts they made their way, buffeted by the wind that leaped and charged among the crags, their ears sated with the roaring sound of waters, their eyes filled with the spray blown upward.

Had she melted for him, opened to him, become soft and sated by his lovemaking?

Never had it resulted in a blinding flash of pleasure that left her sated to her soul.

Warm and sated and cared for, Jael relaxed, muscles unknotting reluctantly.

Jael rewarded him with one of those soft, sated noises that meant pleasure and happiness and utter satisfaction.

And then he was swept away, lost in the heat and sensuality of Chloe, riding one long continuous crest of a shattering climax that left him lethargic and completely sated physically, but wanting more emotionally.

Snuggling there, feeling content and sated, Kate promptly fell into a deep sleep.

The only thing that mattered was Veruh and the things she was doing with me and to me, and the heat built within me and built and built, and I was that volcano that had spit up the sword, and when I erupted it seemed to go on forever, and when I was sated and thought nothing more could happen, she started over again, and soon I was unable to distinguish reality from fantasy.

All rationale seemed insignificant compared to the need to take her, pounding and hard, until they were both sated and exhausted.

Even now, in the quiet of a bed-room, feeling sated and satisfied, she could smell impending conflict, feel its brassy foretaste coat her tongue.

Passion, primitive and consuming was sated by lovemaking that was at once sweetly savage and delicately ruthless.

Sarah had thought passion so recently and thoroughly sated, would be assuaged.

Sanity returned slowly, Sarah climbed from the pit of euphoria, to sated reality.

Its appetite for blood had been sated, and now it was ready for battle.