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The Collaborative International Dictionary
salmon trout

Namaycush \Nam"ay*cush\, n. [Indian name.] (Zool.) A large North American lake trout ( Salvelinus namaycush). It is usually spotted with red, and sometimes weighs over forty pounds. Called also Mackinaw trout, lake trout, lake salmon, salmon trout, togue, and tuladi.

salmon trout

n. rainbow trout (''Salmo gairdneri'')

salmon trout
  1. n. flesh of marine trout that migrate from salt to fresh water [syn: sea trout]

  2. large fork-tailed trout of lakes of Canada and the northern United States [syn: lake trout, Salvelinus namaycush]

  3. speckled trout of European rivers; introduced in North America [syn: brown trout, Salmo trutta]

Usage examples of "salmon trout".

Still, we continued to enjoy good health, and even had the luxury of feasting on some salmon and three salmon trout which we caught in the brook.

Captain Lewis took twelve men and went to the pond and creek between camp and the old village, and caught upwards of 800 fine fish: 79 pike, 8 salmon resembling trout [8 fish resembling salmon trout], 1 rock, 1 flat back, 127 buffalo and red horse, 4 bass, and 490 cats, with many small silver fish and shrimp.

The chief object of his return appeared to be to intercede for a quantity of dried meat and salmon trout, which he had left behind.