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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
sailing ship
▪ A sailing ship was passing, its mylar sails flapping in the gusty wind.
▪ An audio-visual display gives visitors an idea of what life was like aboard a sailing ship.
▪ At the four corners of the block were bronzed steer skulls, and the front of the block showed a sailing ship.
▪ It's time to take the wheel, in each case a slender Bakelite rim of sailing ship proportions.
▪ TIM-J had no place on the sailing ship.
sailing ship

n. A ship with masts and sails, powered by the wind.

sailing ship

n. a vessel that is powered by the wind; often having several masts [syn: sailing vessel]

Sailing ship

A modern sailing ship is any large wind-powered vessel. Traditionally a sailing ship (or simply ship) is a sailing vessel that carries three or more masts with square sails on each. Large sailing vessels that are not ship-rigged may be more precisely referred to by their sail rig, such as schooner, barque (also spelled "bark"), brig, barkentine, brigantine or sloop.