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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ By acquiring an elephant's head, Ganesa also assumed the elephant's sagacity and became the patron of literature.
▪ He was a man of great political sagacity and formidable resolution.
▪ Jane was cheered by his sagacity and quick eye for the ridiculous - a welcome change from pompous people like the Pyglings.
▪ Not that he was unconscious of his sagacity.
▪ Perhaps with society more dominated by the old, there will be more respect for wisdom, sagacity.
▪ When we were in difficulties his sagacity and sangfroid were beyond doubt, as was his kindliness to his colleagues.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Sagacity \Sa*gac"i*ty\, n. [L. sagacitas. See Sagacious.] The quality of being sagacious; quickness or acuteness of sense perceptions; keenness of discernment or penetration with soundness of judgment; shrewdness.

Some [brutes] show that nice sagacity of smell.

Natural sagacity improved by generous education.
--V. Knox.

Syn: Penetration; shrewdness; judiciousness.

Usage: Sagacity, Penetration. Penetration enables us to enter into the depths of an abstruse subject, to detect motives, plans, etc. Sagacity adds to penetration a keen, practical judgment, which enables one to guard against the designs of others, and to turn everything to the best possible advantage.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

c.1500, from Middle French sagacité, from Latin sagacitatem (nominative sagacitas) "keenness of perception, quality of being acute," from sagax (genitive sagacis) "of quick perception, acute," related to sagus "prophetic," sagire "perceive keenly," from PIE root *sag- "to track down, trace, seek" (cognates: Old English secan "to seek;" see seek). Also used 17c.-18c. of animals, meaning "acute sense of smell."


n. The quality of being sage, wise, or able to make good decisions.

  1. n. ability to make good judgments [syn: sagaciousness, judgment, judgement, discernment]

  2. the trait of forming opinions by distinguishing and evaluating [syn: judiciousness, sagaciousness]

Sagacity (Saga album)

Sagacity is the 21st studio album by Canadian rock band Saga. New drummer, Mike Thorne made his debut on this album.

The album title Sagacity is a play on words. Sagacity (the noun) means "The quality of being discerning, sound in judgment, and farsighted; wisdom".

Upon release, Sagacity charted #17 in Germany. A "Special Edition" was also released, containing 9 tracks recorded live at SWR1 Rock Arena during their 2013 tour.

Usage examples of "sagacity".

Others supposed that it would now assume a worse form, in consequence of the absence of those restraints which the superior sagacity of the arch agitator laid upon the more fiery and imprudent ringleaders.

I came to know the eparch very well, and to respect his deep knowledge and even deeper sagacity.

Notwithstanding all the politeness of the effendi, I was particularly interested during our charming dinner in a fine elderly man of about sixty, whose countenance breathed at the same time the greatest sagacity and the most perfect kindness.

This opinion was intuitive, rather than the product of experience, and perhaps I gave no proof of my sagacity in hazarding my safety on its truth.

Here, then, that we may neglect no opportunity of doing justice to our hero, it will be proper to observe, that, howsoever unapt his understanding might be to receive and retain the usual culture of the schools, he was naturally a genius self-taught, in point of sagacity and invention.

Willie lay in bed that night, tired and aching, but the aches were very pleasant ones and as he slept he dreamed that Adam and Eve were being chased by a large whale and that he stood in the garden of Eden wondering if God was nubbly and ate infinite sauce and sagacity.

It had long been recognized that he had foresight and sagacity, but people thought he was not fond of hard fighting, he left it to Osmond, he made the schemes for Osmond to carry out.

Margland, extremely piqued, vented her spleen in oblique sarcasms, and sought to heal her offended pride by appeals for justice to her sagacity and foresight in the whole business.

Stroking his goatee contemplatively, the urisk was a portrait of sagacity.

He had sagacity enough to cultivate assiduously the acquaintance of Johnson, and his faculties were gradually enlarged by the contemplation of such a model.

Paganel, DISTRAIT as usual, was flung several times before he succeeded in bestriding his good steed, but once in the saddle, his inseparable telescope on his shoulder-belt, he held on well enough, keeping his feet fast in the stirrups, and trusting entirely to the sagacity of his beast.

The king was amazingly amused with the sagacity of the goodhumoured baronet, and laughed heartily at the astonishment he expressed when convinced of the deception practised upon him.

But he portrays, with an admiration not too highly colored, the magnificent patience, the courage to bear misconstruction, the unfailing patriotism, the practical sagacity, the level balance of judgment combined with the wisest toleration, the dignity of mind, and the lofty moral nature which made him the great man of his epoch.

For reasons that we shall examine later, they have much more to gain by the business than men, and so they are prompted by their cooler sagacity tenter upon it on the most favourable terms possible, and with the minimum admixture of disarming emotion.

Brown to veil, as far as he was able, the vivacity of his looks beneath an expression of open and unheeding good-nature, an expression strangely enough contrasting with the closeness and sagacity which Nature had indelibly stamped upon features pointed, aquiline, and impressed with a strong mixture of the Judaical physiognomy.