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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ Young Arrowana should not have a yolk sac - and be seen feeding before purchase.
▪ Even if the yolk sac is not visible, still be sure that is feeding before parting with your money.
▪ Be sac and write your story step by step.
▪ The child slipped into the world, still in its birth sac.
▪ The tip of the catheter was positioned directly on the gestational sac.
▪ Then he lifted something small and wet; a pale, tiny sac attached by tubes and tendons to the rest.
▪ With these different theories come different conclusions about the history of the skeleton, fins, nasal sacs and so on.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Sacs \Sacs\ (s[add]ks), n. pl.; sing. Sac. (Ethnol.) A tribe of Indians, which, together with the Foxes, formerly occupied the region about Green Bay, Wisconsin. [Written also Sauks.]


Sac \Sac\ (s[a^]k), n. [F., fr. L. saccus a sack. See Sack a bag.]

  1. See 2d Sack.

  2. (Biol.) A cavity, bag, or receptacle, usually containing fluid, and either closed, or opening into another cavity to the exterior; a sack.


Sac \Sac\, n. [See Sake, Soc.] (O.Eng. Law) The privilege formerly enjoyed by the lord of a manor, of holding courts, trying causes, and imposing fines.


Sac \Sac\ (s[add]k), n. (Ethnol.) See Sacs.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

central Algonquian people who lived near the upper Mississippi before the Black Hawk War of 1832, from French Canadian Saki, probably a shortened borrowing of Ojibwa (Algonquian) /osa:ki:/, literally "person of the outlet" (of the Saginaw River, which itself contains their name, and means literally "in the Sauk country").\n\n\n


"biological pocket," 1741, from French sac, from Latin saccus "bag" (see sack (n.1)).


Etymology 1 n. A bag or pouch inside a plant or animal that typically contains a fluid. Etymology 2

n. (senseid en sacrifice n)(context transitive informal games English) A sacrifice. vb. (senseid en sacrifice v)(context transitive informal games English) To sacrifice. Etymology 3

n. (context UK legal obsolete English) The privilege, formerly enjoyed by the lord of a manor, of holding courts, trying causes, and imposing fines.

  1. n. an enclosed space; "the trapped miners found a pocket of air" [syn: pouch, sack, pocket]

  2. a case or sheath especially a pollen sac or moss capsule [syn: theca]

  3. a member of the Algonquian people formerly living in Wisconsin in the Fox River valley and on the shores of Green Bay [syn: Sauk]

  4. a structure resembling a bag in an animal

Sac -- U.S. County in Iowa
Population (2000): 11529
Housing Units (2000): 5460
Land area (2000): 575.822650 sq. miles (1491.373754 sq. km)
Water area (2000): 2.561683 sq. miles (6.634728 sq. km)
Total area (2000): 578.384333 sq. miles (1498.008482 sq. km)
Located within: Iowa (IA), FIPS 19
Location: 42.381921 N, 95.093223 W
Sac, IA
Sac County
Sac County, IA

SAC or Sac may refer to:


Sač is a large metal or ceramic lid like a shallow bell with which bread dough or meat to be baked are covered, and over which ashes and live coals are placed. It enables even, convection baking, and the bell shape allows the steam to recirculate, which makes the meat, fish and vegetables to remain juicy, and the potatoes, and vegetables to intermix their flavors with that of the meat. It is also used for baking bread and traditional pastry like burek and pizza. The bell itself perhaps comes from bell-shaped ovens used for flatbread baking in middle-east.

Traditionally, the sač was a simple, primitive oven for baking various foods used by less well-off families who could not afford a stove in their homes, and the lid itself often doubled as a plate for flatbed baking. Today, the baking appliance is commonly used by Restaurants all over the Balkan Peninsula, Albania, Bulgaria, Romania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia, Croatia, Macedonia, Serbia, Montenegro, Kosovo, Greece and Turkey, which have adopted this traditional style of cooking, mostly because of its specific flavor enhancing properties, which enable the food to be lightly smoked, additional to aforementioned convection cooking process. The word sač, can also refer to a dish made of meat, vegetables and potatoes, baked in sač oven.

In Bulgaria, the word сач or сачѐ (sach/sache) refers to a flat clay plate, which is heated to a high temperature, and placed on the table, where thin slices of vegetables and meat are cooked on it. Fat is not used, and it is not covered. In the region of the Rhodopes typically more meat is used.

Usage examples of "sac".

I could see the lacy network of lung tissue formed into delicate alveolar sacs for exchange of gas between blood and air.

The rectal opening gradually cicatrized, the sac became obliterated, and the woman left the hospital well.

During the operation he is in full possession of all his faculties, and can assist in any way desired by coughing, or straining, in order, at any time, to complete the protrusion of the rupture and show its entire extent of surface when the sac is laid bare.

Your sacs contained your usual result of a night on Marn: that is, spermatozoa of Alfred, Van Deef and the three guardsmen.

The pollen sacs of the nettles were ripe, and every now and then the vigil would be enlivened by the dehiscence of these, the bursting of the sacs sounding exactly like the crack of a pistol, and the pollen grains as big as buckshot pattered all about them.

It so happened in this case that the peritoneum was extremely dilatable, and the uterus, with the child inside, made its way into the peritoneal sac.

But it was better than being caught below, where the pack of flimmers clustered around the base of the four growths, their air sacs expanding and contracting mightily as they strove to reach the bipedal food that had moved out of their reach.

A selectively permeable membrane, it would pass the right gasses in and out until the composition of the air was- was- Svetz was choking, tearing at the sac.

The gular sac is to be found in both sexes, but somewhat larger in the males.

But one of the most singular properties of the bird is the presence in some of the fully-grown males of a pouch or gular sac, opening under the tongue.

For a time in their youth, in their liquid-dwelling larval form, the branch inds carried their own sacs of data, each a fragment of the total necessary for complete memory.

Holding the back of the shoe with his other hand, he rubbed her foot over his joggly sac, working the point over and into his hidden curves.

The Other did not deign to reply, but Kennit had the satisfaction of seeing its air sacs puff with alarm.

I took a kuruma for the day, and had a very pleasant excursion into a cul de sac in the mountains.

He was gnawing, grinding his teeth on the hangnail, then the nail itself, the base of the nail, the pale arc of quarter moon, the lunula, and there was something awful and atavistic in the scene, Chin unborn, curled in a membranous sac, a scary little geek-headed humanoid, sucking his scalloped hands.