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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Saker \Sa"ker\ (s[=a]"k[~e]r), n. [F. sacre (cf. It. sagro, Sp. & Pg. sacre), either fr. L. sacer sacred, holy, as a translation of Gr. "ie`rax falcon, from "iero`s holy, or more probably from Ar. [,c]aqr hawk.] [Written also sacar, sacre.]

  1. (Zo["o]l.)

    1. A falcon ( Falco sacer) native of Southern Europe and Asia, closely resembling the lanner.

      Note: The female is called chargh, and the male charghela, or sakeret.

    2. The peregrine falcon. [Prov. Eng.]

  2. (Mil.) A small piece of artillery.

    On the bastions were planted culverins and sakers.

    The culverins and sakers showing their deadly muzzles over the rampart.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

vb. (context obsolete English) To consecrate


Usage examples of "sacre".

Guybertaut gagnait douze sols parisis dans un seul sacre avec une chanson?

Constituit necnon Feretrum argenteum in modum Ecclesiae fabricatum atque alia quam plurima huic Sacre Edi contulit beneficia.

E siccome la preghiera e la costante lettura delle Sacre Scritture esortavano la mia mente a pensieri più elevati, ne attinsi un grande conforto interiore di cui prima non avevo avuto nozione alcuna.