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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Sacrum \Sa"crum\, n.; pl. sacra. [NL., fr. L. sacer sacred, os sacrum the lowest bone of the spine.] (Anat.) That part of the vertebral column which is directly connected with, or forms a part of, the pelvis.

Note: It may consist of a single vertebra or of several more or less consolidated. In man it forms the dorsal, or posterior, wall of the pelvis, and consists of five united vertebr[ae], which diminish in size very rapidly to the posterior extremity, which bears the coccyx.


n. (plural of sacrum English)

  1. n. wedge-shaped bone consisting of five fused vertebrae forming the posterior part of the pelvis; its base connects with the lowest lumbar vertebra and its tip with the coccyx

  2. [also: sacra (pl)]


See sacrum


Sacra may refer to :

  • Bibliotheca Sacra, the theological journal published by Dallas Theological Seminary
  • Harmonia Sacra, a Mennonite shape note hymn and tune book
  • Isola Sacra, an island in the Lazio region of Italy south of Rome
  • Nomina sacra, the tradition of abbreviated writing of titles in early Greek language Holy Scripture
  • Sacra (ancient Rome), transactions related to the worship of the gods
  • Sacra conversazione, a depiction of the Madonna with infant Jesus amidst a group of saints
  • Sacra Corona Unita, a Mafia-like criminal organization from Apulia
  • Sacra di San Michele, a religious complex on Mount Pirchiriano
  • Sacra Jam Splendent, the opening words of the Roman Catholic hymn for Matins
  • Sacrum, a bone at the base of the spine
  • Via Sacra, the main street of ancient Rome
Sacra (ancient Rome)

In ancient Roman religion, sacra (Latin, neuter plural, "sacred [matters]") were thel transactions relating to the worship of the gods, especially sacrifice and prayer. They are either sacra privata or publica. The former were undertaken on behalf of the individual by himself, on behalf of the family by the pater familias, or on behalf of the gens by the whole body of the people.

Usage examples of "sacra".

Brothers Metelli were going to the Palatine, but strolled the short distance up the Via Sacra to the Domus Publica to keep Caesar company.

These twins were united at the sacra by a cartilaginous or possibly osseous union.

Caesar, who encountered him and his multitudes of clients at the corner of the Sacra Via and the Clivus Orbius, just entering the lower Forum.

Aurelia exerted that formidable strength of hers and demonstrated to Lucius Decumius that she was not to be gainsaid, he solved his quandary by moving his protection business to the outer Sacra Via and the Vicus Fabricii, where the local colleges were lacking in such enterprise.

Forum Romanum, Velabrum, Circus Maximus, Forums Boarium and Holitorium, the whole of the Sacra Via out to the Servian Walls and the manufactories of the Vicus Fabricii drowned.

And between the surround and the end wall there lay stacked neatly in four rows the twenty-four Shields of Mars, with the twenty-four Spears of Mars racked in the Sacra Via corner.

Crassus when Caesar ignored the Via Sacra and headed toward the Palatine too.

Limp with relief and amazement, the audience at the top of the Vestal Steps watched that enormous crowd begin to disperse, to stream into the Argiletum and the area around the Markets, up the Via Sacra to the Velia and those parts of Rome beyond.

So they sat down on the verge of the Via Sacra and huddled together to keep out the cold, gazing through horrified eyes at a city accursed.

An unhappy combination which wouldat least from the front aspect of the Sacra Viabe vastly improved by the addition of a proper and imposing temple portico and pediment.

The Brothers Metelli were going to the Palatine, but strolled the short distance up the Via Sacra to the Domus Publica to keep Caesar company.

Markets, up the Via Sacra to the Velia and those parts of Rome beyond.

Sulla was bringing his legion right up the Via Sacra to the gates of the city, with no attempt at subterfuge.

It took almost half an hour from the first signal to the end, but at last, they all stood on the Via Sacra and the natural silence of the countryside seemed to flow back over them.

There was but little perceptible wrong--doing, nothing overt which would cause the lover of his kind to grieve and point to the bad influence of the auri sacra fames.