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Sab (novel)

Sab is a novel written by Gertrudis Gomez de Avellaneda in 1841 and published in Madrid. In the story, Sab, a mulato slave—who is in love with Carlota, the white daughter of his master—is the main character. The pain and struggle of his secret passion for Carlota leads Sab to his own death, which occurs in the same hour as Carlota's wedding with Enrique Otway. The novel was first published in Cuba in 1914.

Sab is regarded by some scholars as an antislavery novel, and some have also suggested that it criticizes the institution of marriage. The novel was written a decade before Harriet Beecher Stowe's Uncle Tom's Cabin. The publishing of Sab, in effect, was a turning point in being a precursor to the antislavery movements. Thus, the novel was not freely published in Cuba until 1914.

According to the Spanish literature professor Catherine Davies, Sab is "the only feminist-abolitionist novel published by a woman in nineteenth-century Spain or its slaveholding colony Cuba."


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Usage examples of "sab".

Knot was eight feet of hulking matted hairiness and Sab resembled a leather lion with wings.

Leaving the remaining slates to be airlifted roofwards, Sab and Knot climbed back in the van and headed down to the loch for more.

Sab Than sprang upon me with a jeweled dagger he had drawn from his nuptial ornaments.

As we circled upon the broad platform I saw Sab Than rushing up the steps to aid his father, but, as he raised his hand to strike, Dejah Thoris sprang before him and then my sword found the spot that made Sab Than jeddak of Zodanga.

Sab glided off his perch and arrowed down, down through the house, through a rising cloud of plaster dust, down to the great hall, where he landed, skidded inelegantly on his slippy talons and, recovering his balance, came to a standstill beside Latch.

Moo Sab Plex how wonderfully rich and varied the aromas of the island are.

Habitan en los elevados riscos de montañas inaccesibles y no conocen el fuego, ni saben construir casas, ni hacer vestidos, e ignoran incluso el uso de las armas.

She told it as it lived in her mind: the brigands suddenly around them, Canna down before she could string the bow, Saben fending off three, her own fall into the stream, the grinning man who ran down after her, sword in hand.

One of these days it's all goin' to come home to you, your jokin' an' your lookin' down your nose at folk an' you're sendin' this slinkin' Sab kid around so's poor sick folk got no choice but deal with 'im, that's the respect you got for your neighbors.