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Ry or RY may mean:

  • Rydberg constant, a unit of energy used in quantum physics related to the ground state energy of the hydrogen atom
  • RY Sagittarii, an orange supergiant and an R Coronae Borealis type variable star in the constellation Sagittarius
  • Ry Cooder, a musician, songwriter, film scorer, record producer and instructor
  • Ry (musician), Australian rapper
  • RY X, Australian singer-songwriter and musician
  • Ry, Denmark, a town in Denmark very near to the famous sky-mountain ' himmelbjerget'.
  • Ry Municipality, a former municipality in Denmark
  • Consolidated RY, a former cargo aircraft of the U.S. Navy
  • Ry, Seine-Maritime, a municipality in France
  • Rekister√∂ity yhdistys, a Finnish registered non-profit organization
  • The stock symbol (tsx2 RY, nyse2 RY) for the Royal Bank of Canada
  • RY (test signal), a character string used to test five-level teleprinter channels
  • Railway
  • Relay
RY (test signal)

RYRYRYRY... is a character string that was widely used to test a five-level teleprinter or RTTY channel. The characters R and Y are "01010" and "10101" in 5-bit ITA2 code, also known as Baudot. Thus they are Boolean complements of each other.

Switching between the two characters is a stressful test for electromechanical teleprinters. Repeated over and over, RYRYRYRY... outputs a carrier wave that regularly and rapidly shifts back and forth in frequency.

This signal pattern also provided a test for signal polarity; if polarity was reversed, the test signal would print as "SG".

The corresponding string of complementary characters in 7-bit ASCII is U*U*U*U*...

Ry (musician)

Ryan Egan (born July 4), better known by the stage nameRy, is an Australian rapper and songwriter. He is best known for his songs "Gimme That", "Circles", and "Good Morning", which all received national airplay on Triple J and were shortlisted for the 2014 Triple J Hottest 100. He also received Indie Clip of the Week on Australia's rage for the "Good Morning" music video. His music was used on Unplanned America, a program on SBS Two. His recordings are currently released by Inertia Access.

Usage examples of "ry".

Starik had been studying Angleton since Philby had first reported his presence at Ryder Street during the war.

Ryder saw that some of the Ansar were freeing the tow lines that held the barges together and passing the cables down to the dhows.

Ryder was forced to throttle back and watch helplessly in horror and pity as the Ansar scrambled aboard and their bloody work began again.

Ryder played the spotlight along the bank, hoping to intimidate the Ansar marksmen or, at least, to illuminate them so that his own crew could return fire more accurately.

Though neither Ryder nor David was aware of it, the master gunner commanding the mounted battery was the Ansar whom David had dubbed the Bedlam Bedouin.

She had undone two buttons and the bandana belt around her waist when Ryder interrupted.

Ryder tucked one end of the bandana into his waistband, then moved to stand behind Mary.

She gave a soft gasp of surprise when Ryder held up a bandana intended to cover her eyes.

Ryder touched the bandana at his forehead then let his hand fall away.

Ryder send me out to get close-up blowhole pictures of a gray whale who had a hideous head cold?

Ryder gathered himself and balanced over the tow line, which was now stretched tight as an iron bar through its fairlead in the stern plating.

I squinted past the footlights to the smoky and inadequately lit room, my anger at Van Ryder dissipating into stunned disbelief as I took in the scene.

When he had recommended this plant to her Ryder Courtney had told her that its botanical name was Nymphaea alba.

It took five more days for Ryder and Bakhita to evolve an escape plan for the prisoners in Omdurman that had a reasonable chance of success.

Twice Yakub had to leave Omdurman and make the hazardous journey to Abyssinia to consult Ryder Courtney and Bakhita.