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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Rumbo \Rum"bo\, n. Grog. [Obs.]
--Sir W. Scott.


n. (context obsolete English) grog

Rumbo (newspaper)

Rumbo is a free weekly bilingual newspaper published in Lawrence, Massachusetts, United States, covering the Merrimack Valley and southern New Hampshire.


Rumbo can refer to:

  • Rumbo (film), a 1949 Spanish film
  • Rumbo (newspaper), a free weekly bilingual newspaper published in Lawrence, Massachusetts
  • Rumbo Submarino, the 2nd studio album by band Macaco
  • Rumbo, a character used in several novels by James Herbert
Rumbo (film)

Rumbo is a 1949 Spanish drama film directed by Ramón Torrado. It was entered into the 1951 Cannes Film Festival.

Usage examples of "rumbo".

Even Rumbo, who at least had a more than average canine understanding of the problems of survival in a man's world, did not seem to want to know where he came from.

The roads were busier now, yet the noise and the bustle didn't seem to bother Rumbo at all.

He spotted us as he returned to the barrow's handles and stopped to give Rumbo a hearty pat on his back.

I saw where Rumbo had been heading and raced ahead, leaping up at the high counter of the mobile snack-bar.

This ain't meals-on-wheels yer know, Rumbo, I can't start feedin' all yer mates.

I pounced on the other half, but Rumbo stood back, allowing me to gulp it down.

Now, I'm sure you've never seen two dogs act this way outside a butcher's shop before, but there aren't many dogs like Rumbo and me around, just the odd few.

Unfortunately, I'd forgotten to draw attention to myself and could have squatted there in peace for quite a long while had not Rumbo lost patience and begun yapping at me.

I skidded and rolled but was up like a rabbit, running for the open doorway, Rumbo close on my heels, at least a pound and a half of raw steak hanging from his jaws.

We ran on, Rumbo keeping a measured pace beside me and much amused by my panic.

When I returned only a few moments later, Rumbo was well into the raw steak, chomping and sucking in a disgusting manner.

We chased, we rolled, we wrestled, Rumbo teasing me mercilessly, showing off his skills of speed, manoeuvrability and strength, submitting to my wilder onslaughts and tossing me aside with the slightest shrug just when I began to feel his equal.

The park-keeper's angry curses made us roar with laughter, but Rumbo soon tired of the game and was off through the gates without a word, leaving me to chase after him.

We reached a break in it and Rumbo trotted through, his nose twitching for some familiar scent.

I didn't voice my anxiety over my human ancestry at that time because I didn't want to alarm Rumbo in any way.