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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Sarracenia \Sar`ra*ce"ni*a\, n. [NL. So named after a Dr. Sarrazin of Quebec.] (Bot.) A genus of American perennial herbs growing in bogs; the American pitcher plant.

Note: They have hollow pitcher-shaped or tubular leaves, and solitary flowers with an umbrella-shaped style. Sarracenia purpurea, the sidesaddle flower, is common at the North; S. flava, rubra, Drummondii, variolaris, and psittacina are Southern species. All are insectivorous, catching and drowning insects in their curious leaves. See Illust. of Sidesaddle flower, under Sidesaddle.


Rubra, red in Latin, may refer to :

  • Rubra, an Edenist serpent, a character of the Night's Dawn trilogy

and also :

  • Folliculitis rubra, a genodermatose
  • Granulosis rubra nasi, a rare familial disease of children occurring on the nose, cheeks, and chin
  • Lochia rubra, the cruenta, the first post-partum vaginal discharge red in color because of the large amount of blood it contains
  • Miliaria rubra, a skin disease marked by small and itchy rashes
  • Pityriasis rubra pilaris, the Devergie's disease, lichen ruber acuminatus or lichen ruber pilaris, a group of chronic disorders characterized by reddish orange, scaling plaques and keratotic follicular papules
  • Saxa Rubra, a village and station on the Flaminian Way 9 miles from Rome

Usage examples of "rubra".

Despite Rubra expanding them wide, they formed awkward constrictions which Dariat had to pull himself through.

Rubra had been trying to steer him along some service tunnels below a tube station, but Bonney and her co-hunters were boxing him in.

Now though, they had increased their numbers, Kiera had flown off to negotiate their admission to a dangerous war, and Bonney committed them against Rubra to satisfy her personal vendettas.

He knew very well that it was not heaving for him but he did not realize that grief was the cause until he reached the bizarre mating habits of Polychaeta rubra, when to his intense embarrassment and distress he saw tears coursing down her cheeks.