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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
a rubber/plastic bullet (=one made of rubber/plastic, not designed to kill)
▪ Riot police fired plastic bullets into the air.
plastic/rubber/metal etc sheeting
▪ The roof was covered in plastic sheeting.
rubber band
rubber boot
rubber bullet
rubber chicken circuit
▪ She is in demand on the rubber chicken circuit.
rubber dinghy
rubber plant
rubber stamp
rubber/leather/woollen etc gloves
▪ Dr McIntyre was slowly removing his rubber gloves.
▪ Through the gap between the front seats I could see the stick's dusty canopy of weary black rubber.
▪ A black rubber hose connected it to a pump.
▪ Manny gets down on one knee and looks at the pieces of shiny metal and black rubber.
▪ They were wearing Cenex caps, khaki work shirts, black rubber boots.
▪ Two teams would try putting a rubber ball into the hoop without using hands or feet.
▪ Gently stretch the rubber band around the card, making sure that it stays in the slot.
▪ The rubber band workout group improved 26 percent in the squat and 17 percent in the shoulder press.
▪ And the size of the quadriceps muscles, shown on the MRIs, was larger in the women using the rubber bands.
▪ Use the rubber band to keep the plastic firmly in place.
▪ Ask a student to hold a rubber band taut between her hands.
▪ I tallied our money, sorted it, found a sickly rubber band in the glove compartment to wrap around it.
▪ I cheerfully described how a part of Mommy was like a big rubber band and it wouldn't hurt a bit.
▪ Give each student a rubber band and let him experiment to see what notes he can make by plucking it.
▪ Inmates still fighting are hit with rubber bullets.
▪ Police in riot gear in turn fired. 37-caliber rubber bullets and beanbag weapons.
▪ Brassieres upholstered with foam rubber were produced as beauty aids even for the well-endowed and even for prepubescent girls.
▪ We just argued about it loudly and wore the T-shirts and big foam rubber fingers.
▪ Beneath a layer of foam rubber there was a dark brown carpet of coffee beans.
▪ They just ate the foam rubber mattress cover.
▪ Doreen's hair was a wig and the bosoms were foam rubber.
▪ Standing it on a block of foam rubber, filter matting, or a piece of polystyrene tile can also prove effective.
▪ Her legs felt like foam rubber.
▪ The foam rubber squeaked beneath her weight.
▪ It will initially target the medical community, producing rubber gloves and catheters, he said.
▪ As proof, the officer points to a car surrounded by investigators wearing blood-stained rubber gloves.
▪ Then put on your rubber gloves and give the meat a good squeeze with both hands.
▪ Then they donned booties, rubber shoes and lab coats, all yellow, plus cotton glove liners and orange rubber gloves.
▪ Either wear rubber gloves, or be sure to wash hands thoroughly with soap and water after handling them.
▪ He washed his hands, which felt as if they were dressed in big fat rubber gloves.
▪ The breakthrough offers potential for the cheap harvesting of many therapeutic and industrial proteins from rubber plantations.
▪ It mattered less what the company clerks and rubber plantation foremen in second class might feel.
▪ The symmetry of the rice paddies and rubber plantations could only be appreciated from the air.
▪ So we hopped on and were going through this old, overgrown rubber plantation.
▪ Landless peasants suited Doumer; they could be employed in mines or on rubber plantations, or to build roads and railways.
▪ A few places were kind of hilly, and some very high triple canopy forests and rubber plantations were up there.
▪ It was the first and biggest step in changing the council from a legislative body to a rubber stamp for his administration.
▪ Moreover, in some states the legislature is essentially a rubber stamp for the actions of a powerful political executive.
▪ It seemed to be made of rubber.
▪ Rubbermaid makes plastic and rubber housewares and other consumer and industrial products.
▪ Spoon half of the batter into the prepared pan. Use a rubber spatula to spread the batter evenly in the pan.
▪ Many outsoles now combine the two and use the carbon rubber in the heel or other high impact points.
▪ Carefully spoon the remaining batter over the filling, using the rubber spatula to smooth the batter.
▪ I became adept at using a typing rubber.
▪ And the size of the quadriceps muscles, shown on the MRIs, was larger in the women using the rubber bands.
▪ I used to use rubber gloves, cutting the palms out for ventilation.
▪ As proof, the officer points to a car surrounded by investigators wearing blood-stained rubber gloves.
▪ Although they were dressed formally in dark suits, both men were wearing heavy rubber boots in deference to winter.
▪ Do not wear smooth leather or rubber soles when walking on wet or slippery surfaces.
▪ Either wear rubber gloves, or be sure to wash hands thoroughly with soap and water after handling them.
▪ As he went back to where the Percys were, four men wearing rubber gauntlets came carrying large aluminum cans.
gold-tipped/steel-tipped/rubber-tipped etc
▪ A mouthful of chocolate passed for breakfast before we forsook big boots for sticky rubber.
▪ Sadler's used 1,900 square yards - made more impervious to the gas by an inner coat of rubber.
▪ So he picked him up and took hint off the rubber runner and set him down on the sidewalk.
▪ Their bottoms are a rubber compound that provides better traction.
▪ We just argued about it loudly and wore the T-shirts and big foam rubber fingers.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Rubber \Rub"ber\, n.

  1. One who, or that which, rubs. Specifically:

    1. An instrument or thing used in rubbing, polishing, or cleaning.

    2. A coarse file, or the rough part of a file.

    3. A whetstone; a rubstone.

    4. An eraser, usually made of caoutchouc or a synthetic rubber[4].

    5. The cushion of an electrical machine.

    6. One who performs massage, especially in a Turkish bath.

    7. Something that chafes or annoys; hence, something that grates on the feelings; a sarcasm; a rub.

  2. In some games, as bridge or whist, the odd game, as the third or the fifth, which decides the winner when there is a tie between the players; as, to play the rubber; also, a contest determined by the winning of two out of three games; as, to play a rubber of whist.
    --Beaconsfield. ``A rubber of cribbage.''

  3. India rubber; caoutchouc; gum elastic; -- also called natural rubber.

  4. Any substance, whether natural or synthetic, resembling India rubber with respect to its elasticity[1].

  5. A low-cut overshoe made of natural or synthetic rubber[4], serving to keep the feet and shoes dry when walking in the rain or on a wet surface; -- usually used in the plural.

  6. A condom. [Slang]

    Antimony rubber, an elastic durable variety of vulcanized caoutchouc of a red color. It contains antimony sulphide as an important constituent.

    Hard rubber, a kind of vulcanized caoutchouc which nearly resembles horn in texture, rigidity, etc.

    India rubber, caoutchouc. See Caoutchouc.

    Rubber cloth, cloth covered with caoutchouc for excluding water or moisture.

    Rubber dam (Dentistry), a shield of thin sheet rubber clasped around a tooth to exclude saliva from the tooth.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

"thing that rubs" (a brush, cloth, etc.), 1530s, agent noun from rub (v.). The meaning "elastic substance from tropical plants" (short for India rubber) first recorded 1788, introduced to Europe 1744 by Charles Marie de la Condamine, so called because it originally was used as an eraser.Very useful for erasing the strokes of black lead pencils, and is popularly called rubber, and lead-eater. [entry for Caoutchouc in Howard, "New Royal Encyclopedia," 1788]Meaning "overshoe made of rubber" is 1842, American English; slang sense of "condom" is by 1930s. Sense of "deciding match" in a game or contest is 1590s, of unknown signification, and perhaps an entirely separate word. Rubber stamp (n.) is from 1881; figurative sense of "institution whose power is formal but not real" is from 1919; the verb in this sense is from 1934. Rubber cement is attested from 1856 (from 1823 as India-rubber cement). Rubber check (one that "bounces") is from 1927.


Etymology 1 n. 1 (context uncountable English) pliable material derived from the sap of the rubber tree; a hydrocarbon polymer of isoprene. 2 (context uncountable countable English) synthetic materials with the same properties as natural rubber. 3 (context countable UK English) An eraser. 4 (context countable North America slang English) A condom. 5 (context slang of a draft/check English) not covered by funds on account. 6 (context countable English) Someone or something which rubs. 7 (context countable baseball English) The rectangular pad on the pitcher's mound from which the pitcher must pitch. 8 (context North America in the plural English) Water resistant shoe covers, galoshes, overshoes. 9 (context uncountable slang English) tire, particularly racing tires. Etymology 2

n. 1 (context sports English) In relation to a series of games or matches between two competitors where the overall winner of the series is the competitor which wins a majority of the individual games or matches: 2 # The entire series, of an odd number of games or matches in which ties are impossible (especially a series of three games in bridge or whist). 3 # An individual match within the series (especially in racquet sports). 4 (context sports North America English) a rubber match; a game or match played to break a tie. 5 The game of rubber bridge. Etymology 3

vb. To eavesdrop on a telephone call

  1. n. latex from trees (especially trees of the genera Hevea and Ficus) [syn: India rubber, gum elastic, caoutchouc]

  2. an eraser made of rubber (or of a synthetic material with properties similar to rubber); commonly mounted at one end of a pencil [syn: rubber eraser, pencil eraser]

  3. contraceptive device consisting of a thin rubber or latex sheath worn over the penis during intercourse [syn: condom, safety, safe, prophylactic]

  4. a waterproof overshoe that protects shoes from water or snow [syn: arctic, galosh, golosh, gumshoe]

  1. adj. made of rubber and therefore water-repellent; "rubber boots" [syn: rubberized, rubberised]

  2. returned for lack of funds; "a rubber check"; "a no-good check" [syn: no-good]


v. coat or impregnate with rubber; "rubberize fabric for rain coats" [syn: rubberize, rubberise]

Rubber (disambiguation)

Natural rubber is a latex material, originally from the Para rubber tree.

Rubber may also refer to:

Rubber (Harem Scarem album)

Rubber is an album by the Canadian hard rock band formerly known as Harem Scarem. The band released the album in 1999 under the name Harem Scarem in Japan, and in 2000 in Canada they released it as Rubber. After this release, drummer Darren Smith left and was replaced with Creighton Doane. The song "Sunshine" was produced and mixed by renowned Canadian producer Arnold Lanni.

Rubber (1936 film)

' Rubber ' is a 1936 Dutch film directed by Johan De Meester and Gerard Rutten. It tells the story of Dutch newlyweds trying to adjust to a difficult life on a Sumatran plantation. The majority of the film is believed to be lost; a 63-minute fragment remains in the archives of the Dutch Film Museum.

Rubber (2010 film)

Rubber is a 2010 English-language French independent dark comedy film about a tire that comes to life and kills people with its psychic powers. It was directed and written by Quentin Dupieux. The film was shown at the Cannes Film Festival in 2010. The film received positive reviews from critics.

Rubber (Gilby Clarke album)

Rubber is the third solo album by former Guns N' Roses guitarist Gilby Clarke, released in 1998.

Rubber (Tamil novel)

Rubber (1990) was the first published novel of Indian author Jeyamohan. It was the first major work in Tamil that explored ecological and environmental theme as a context for ethical degradation in Tamil fiction. Set as a multi-generational family drama taking place against the backdrop of rubber plantations, the novel describes the hunger for social and commercial growth that inevitably exploits the environment. Rubber, introduced into India as a cash crop, is the alien species that chokes the land and destroys the values symbolized by the traditional Banana tree. The novel was widely acclaimed and won the Akhilan Memorial prize in 1990 heralding the arrival of Jeyamohan in the Indian literary scene.

Usage examples of "rubber".

Sachs dressed in the white Tyvek suit and accessorized with rubber bands around her feet.

It is also suggested that the fingerprint examiner wear rubber gloves when using acetone, benzine, xylene, formaldehyde, potassium hydroxide, or sodium hydroxide.

My excellent friend proceeded on the good old lines of compensation advocacy with the same comfortable routine that one plays the old family rubber of threepenny points.

Ad Lib club, 132-4, 139 Adams, John and Marina, 126, 254 Aitken, Jonathan, 228 Albufeira, Portugal, 204 album sleeve designs, 333-48, 500-506, albums, by the Beach Boys, 280-81 by the Beatles Abbey Road, 550-59, 565 Beatles: Love Songs, Beatles for Sale, 38, 173 Let It Be, 470, 534-9, 549-51, 575, 578 Magical Mystery Tour, Please Please Me, 93, 95, 153, 583 Revolver, 190, 268, 281, 290-92 Rubber Soul, 268, 278, 290 Sgt.

Rubber Bible to hand as the fearless author juggles with triple points or the properties of ammonial ice eutectics.

Cave-maker, Wu thought, hearing the same sound, thinking the stream might be traveling upward, carving out an embryonic cave, a living structure with a cycle that ends in death, wondering how much trouble it would be to order a rubber dinghy, neoprene wet suit, aqualung and waterproof spotlight, dismissing the idea on the grounds he would not be here long enough to see it through.

Rigged to an ECUan environmental-control unitthat Rhyme could manipulate with his one working finger, the device used a rubber armature to turn pages of books.

Rhyme could manipulate with his one working finger, the device used a rubber armature to turn pages of books.

The points were covered in a coating of what looked like thick rubber, which muted the effect of the powerful spring that the Armorer had triggered.

At last he gripped it and twisted asbestos and rubber into one tight mass, which he held firmly with both hands.

All bendy rubber and portly and scowling, he had the word CREW painted in large letters across his belly.

On the metalled road the rubbered tyres spun silently, and only the flying hoofs clattered and soon they had left the made road and turned on to the hard-beaten track that led to Billabong, where progress was even smoother.

Wu cut along the seam of the rubber ball with his penknife, then pocketed one half of the ball and gave the other half to Softly, who began to warm up, being the bunger, or thrower.

The two ancient ladies, a Russian princess and the heiress to a rubber fortune, clients of the palazzo, have exited the elevator with them and wandered confusedly off into the night, somewhat shackled by their drawers, and now two soft splashes are heard at the far end of the Sotoportego del Capello where the gondolas dock at night.

At Trouville, for instance, they had laid in dozens of the brilliant rubber casquettes he liked to wear when he went swimming.