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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Roc \Roc\, n. [Ar. & Per. rokh or rukh. Cf. Rook a castle.] A monstrous bird of Arabian mythology. [Written also rock, and rukh.]
--Brande & C.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

large, ferocious bird of fable, 1570s, from Arabic rukhkh, from Persian rukh. Mentioned in Marco Polo's account of Madagascar, modern use is mostly from "Arabian Nights." Hence roc's egg "something marvelous or prodigious."


n. An enormous mythical bird in Eastern legend.


n. mythical bird of prey having enormous size and strength


Roc, ROC or R.O.C. may refer to following:

Roc (mythology)

Roc, from the Spanish words rocho and ruc, these latters from Arabicرخ (ruḵḵ) and that latter from Persianرخ (ruḵ), is an enormous legendary bird of prey.


Roč (, ) is a village in Istria County, north-west Croatia. Administratively it belongs to the town of Buzet. Roč is considered a historic town rather than a village due to its rich cultural heritage.

Roc (TV series)

Roc is an American comedy-drama television series which originally ran on Fox network from August 25, 1991 to May 10, 1994. The series stars Charles S. Dutton as Baltimore garbage collector Roc Emerson and his nurse wife, Eleanor played by Ella Joyce.

Roc (song)

"Roc" is a song recorded by the France-born singer Nâdiya, which appears on her self-titled third album Nâdiya. The single was released as the second single from the album on June 19 in Switzerland and France, 2006, two weeks after the release of the album. The single became her best-performing single in the French Singles Chart, staying in the top five for eleven weeks and eighteen weeks in the top thirty. It contains a sample taken from War composed by Survivor for the soundtrack of Rocky IV in 1985.

Roc (Dungeons & Dragons)

In the Dungeons & Dragons fantasy role-playing game, the roc is a gargantuan, eagle-like animal, based on an earlier creature from myth and fantasy also named the Roc.

Roc (disambiguation)
Roc (The-Dream song)

"Roc" is a song by American R&B recording artist The-Dream, released as a single for digital download on January 31, 2012. The song is included on The-Dream's EP Climax, which was ultimately a bonus CD on his fourth studio album IV Play (2013).

Usage examples of "roc".

Even Dayn spoke briefly on the fighting capabilities of the Rocs and their uses in aerial combat.

After Mephitic, there were no further islands to be found, and the Rocs were forced to roost on makeshift wooden platforms that were constructed from spare lumber.

All he had had to do was maintain roc form and fly away, and the Chief, stuck with the onus, would have lost in one minute.

A Finnish government spokeswoman gave a news conference, declaring that it was the worst incident of its type their country had witnessed since the 1950s, but declining to confirm whether it was a ROC shooting, and stressing there was no connection with, or risk to, the EU conference.

It had been fun meeting Roxanne Roc and playing with Sim Chick, and Tweeter had taught Sim some dirty bird jokes that no nonbird would understand.

They saw huge birds flying overhead, ones that were neither Rocs nor Shrikes, and Weka Dart told her they were Harpies.

Jorry pinned Yron against the placid roc with his body, holding him while giving the blade a good twist through the organ.

I tried to interest FASA or ROC in collecting the stories into an anthology, but anthologies seldom sell as well as novels.

Had you informed your son that you were going to suggest this plan to T- Roc and Hardcore for BSD to become involved in politics?

Now she remembered that rocs liked rocky things, such as rock candy, rock music, and rock gardens.

She was still not used to riding the giant Rocs, though she had done so several times now since her return.

Erring Rift gave a low whistle, and one by one the Rocs rose skyward, claws fastened to straps that held the baskets at four corners, lifting them gently, carefully away from the earth, carrying them up through the trees and into the darkened skies.

The Rocs rose again, Wren still riding behind Tiger Ty, and swept wide in an arc that carried them out and away.

Eleven strong, the Rocs hurtled into the Federation camp, streaking toward the watch fires.

Wings extended, the Rocs skimmed the watch fires, choosing those that were close to dying, and snatched up bunches of the burning embers with their hardened claws.