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river bank

n. The lateral edge of a river.

River Bank (Brad Paisley song)

"River Bank" is a song recorded by American country music artist Brad Paisley. It is the lead single from his tenth studio album, Moonshine in the Trunk. He co-wrote the song with Kelley Lovelace and co-produced it with Luke Wooten.

River Bank (Jamaican song)

"River Bank", also "River bank Coverly" and "River Bank Coberley", is a traditional Jamaican song. The song is an old Jamaican mento standard. It has been adapted both by Reggae musicians, and also by jazz musicians, such as trumpeter Baba Brooks who reworked "River Bank" into "Bank to Bank".Lloyd Bradley Bass culture: when reggae was king - Page 98

2000 "Really, it's least surprising that mento, the original Jamaican music form, should come to the fore: Independence Day ... by Shenley Duffus, and trumpeter Baba Brooks' reworking of the old mento standard 'River Bank' into 'Bank to Bank'."

Usage examples of "river bank".

Hamilton moved away in the direction of the upper river bank, still circling the village perimeter.

Only a jumble of fallen stones along the river bank broke the monotony, the vast but long-abandoned remains of some structure that Orlando did not want to ask about, for fear of provoking more of Upaut's tedious stories.

An eager and respectful crowd followed him down to the river bank and crowded into the river god's temple.

Droshny had just hauled himself over the edge of the river bank, had risen to his feet and was now heading purposefully towards Andrea's prostrate body, with the obvious intention of heaving the unconscious man into the gorge.