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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Dove \Dove\ (d[u^]v), n. [OE. dove, duve, douve, AS. d[=u]fe; akin to OS. d[=u]ba, D. duif, OHG. t[=u]ba, G. taube, Icel. d[=u]fa, Sw. dufva, Dan. due, Goth. d[=u]b[=o]; perh. from the root of E. dive.]

  1. (Zo["o]l.) A pigeon of the genus Columba and various related genera. The species are numerous.

    Note: The domestic dove, including the varieties called fantails, tumblers, carrier pigeons, etc., was derived from the rock pigeon ( Columba livia) of Europe and Asia; the turtledove of Europe, celebrated for its sweet, plaintive note, is Columba turtur or Turtur vulgaris; the ringdove, the largest of European species, is Columba palumbus; the Carolina dove, or Mourning dove, is Zenaidura macroura; the sea dove is the little auk ( Mergulus alle or Alle alle). See Turtledove, Ground dove, and Rock pigeon. The dove is a symbol of peace, innocence, gentleness, and affection; also, in art and in the Scriptures, the typical symbol of the Holy Ghost.

  2. A word of endearment for one regarded as pure and gentle.

    O my dove, . . . let me hear thy voice.
    --Cant. ii. 14.

  3. a person advocating peace, compromise or conciliation rather than war or conflict. Opposite of hawk.

    Dove tick (Zo["o]l.), a mite ( Argas reflexus) which infests doves and other birds.

    Soiled dove, a prostitute. [Slang]


n. the wood pigeon

  1. n. grayish Old World turtledove with a black band around the neck; often caged [syn: Streptopelia risoria]

  2. Eurasian pigeon with white patches on wings and neck [syn: wood pigeon, cushat, Columba palumbus]

Usage examples of "ringdove".

The desert sunrise flared over the ground before them and ringdoves rose out of the chaparral by ones and by pairs and whistled away with thin calls.

Amongst them the ringdoves nested in hundreds, and on the steep rocks of the precipice the red-necked vultures fed their young.

In the centre was a gnarled eucalyptus tree at whose foot two white ringdoves were pecking about.