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n. (plural of rifleman English)

Usage examples of "riflemen".

Sharpe, with two companies of Riflemen and a force of Marines, had been stranded in the fort, where he had been besieged by a French brigade led by a General called Calvet.

Spanish Riflemen, grinned with pleasure at his own deadly marksmanship.

He fired it blindly upwards and three French-men were thrown back to make a space where the Riflemen could reach the top.

Sharpe, without a battalion of his own or even a job, received permission to travel back to England with the Riflemen and so, three weeks after the French surrender, he found himself clambering on to one of the flat-bottomed river barges that had been hired to transport the army up the River Garonne to the quays of Bordeaux.

Till then the Riflemen must wait, though if the officers wished to take luncheon in the city, then they were permitted to pass the picquet-line of provosts.

The two Riflemen might not have been under arrest, but it felt and looked just as if they were.

Captain Harcourt, who seemed rather sympathetic to the two Riflemen, applauded by slapping the table top.

Are you suggesting that two companies of Riflemen and a handful of Marines somehow managed to remove six tons of gold, their own wounded men, and all their personal , baggage while they were under enemy fire?

Salmon hesitated, as though he wanted to stay in the room with the three Riflemen, but a glare from Harper made the Captain back abruptly into the corridor.

He had commanded the Teste de Buch fort and, day after day, year after year, he had watched the empty sea and thought the war was passing him by until, in the very last weeks of the fighting, the British Riflemen had come from the landward side to bring horror to his small command.

Except half an hour later someone thought to look on the top floor of the prefecture and discovered that three Riflemen were missing.

So he abandoned his speech, cursed all Riflemen, then went to his quarters and slept.

The officer strolled towards the three Riflemen with a languid, almost supercilious, air.

He stopped there, folded his arms, and waited for the Riflemen to reach him.

The picquet duty had been boring, and now some small excitement broke the tedium, but he was too far from the three Riflemen to recognize them.