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Ribeiro is a surname common in Galicia, Portugal and Brazil. It is also a wine-making region of Southeast central Galicia. In Portuguese, it literally means "by the river". In Galicia the surname was often Castilianized as Riveiro.

  • Adriano Leite Ribeiro, Brazilian football striker born 1982
  • Alfonso Ribeiro, American actor/game show host
  • Alexandre Ribeiro, Brazilian jiu-jitsu practitioner and mixed martial artist
  • Anderson Ribeiro, Brazilian football player
  • André Ribeiro, Brazilian racing driver
  • Antonio Ribeiro, Canadian football (soccer) player
  • Antonio Ribeiro, Catholic cardinal from Portugal
  • Bernardim Ribeiro, 15th-century Portuguese poet
  • Bruno de Paula Ribeiro Ingrácia, otherwise known as Bruno Ribeiro, Brazilian footballer
  • Bruno Ribeiro, Portuguese footballer
  • Celeste Ribeiro Myers, Modern American Activist - Opposed historic Massachusetts Expanded Gaming Legislation.
  • Catherine Ribeiro, French singer
  • Christian Ribeiro, Welsh footballer
  • Diogo Ribeiro (or Diego Ribero), Portuguese cartographer and explorer
  • Édson Ribeiro, Brazilian sprinter
  • Edson Ribeiro, Brazilian musician
  • Fernando Ribeiro, Portuguese singer
  • John F. Ribeiro, Modern American Activist. Led historic opposition to Massachusetts Casino Legislation 2011 - 2014 and forced a statewide referendum vote despite Attorney General opposition.
  • Jorge Ribeiro, Portuguese footballer born 1981
  • Julio Francis Ribeiro, former Indian police officer and civil servant.
  • Lais Ribeiro, a Brazilian model
  • Mike Ribeiro, Canadian Hockey player
  • Pedro Júlio Marques Ribeiro, Portuguese footballer
  • Pedro Manuel Mendes Ribeiro, Portuguese footballer
  • Pedro Nezio de Araújo Lopes Ribeiro, Brazilian footballer
  • Pery Ribeiro, Brazilian singer
  • Robert Ribeiro, Hong Kong judge
  • Wladimir Ribeiro, Brazilian swimmer
  • Ribeiro (DO), the Spanish wine producing region in Galicia


Ribeiro (DO)

Ribeiro is a Spanish Denominación de Origen (DO) (Denominación de Orixe in Galician) for wines located in the northwest of the province of Ourense ( Galicia, Spain), in the valleys formed by the rivers Miño, Arnoia, Avia and Barbantiño. It has an area of 30 km² including 9 municipalities in their entirety and parts of four others.