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n. (plural of rho English)

Rhos (North Wales)

Rhos means 'moor' or 'moorland' in Welsh. It is a region to the east of the River Conwy in north Wales. It started as a minor kingdom then became a medieval cantref, and was usually part of the Kingdom of Gwynedd (later the region became part of Denbighshire, then Clwyd, and is now in Conwy county borough).


Rhos (meaning "moorland" in Welsh) may refer to the following places in Wales:

  • Rhos, Neath Port Talbot a village in Neath Port Talbot, Wales
  • Rhos-on-Sea (or Llandrillo-yn-Rhos), a village on the outskirts of Colwyn Bay, north Wales
  • Rhosllannerchrugog, a village in the County Borough of Wrexham in northeast Wales
Historic subdivisions
  • Rhos (north Wales), a cantref and prior to that a small kingdom in medieval mid-north Wales
  • Rhos, later the Hundred of Roose, a cantref around Milford Haven in southwest Wales

Usage examples of "rhos".

We plead hardship, for illness has struck hard in Rhos this harvest season, spread, I fear, by the same damp and moldering rot that has destroyed the southern hay and rye fields.

I will send Cuneglasus with what men Rhos can spare, but that will be fewer than would please me.