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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Reversibility \Re*vers`i*bil"i*ty\, n. The quality of being reversible.


n. The property of being reversible.


n. the quality of being reversible in either direction [ant: irreversibility]


Reversibility can refer to:

  • Time reversibility, a property of some mathematical or physical processes and systems for which time-reversed dynamics are well defined

:* Reversible diffusion, an example of a reversible stochastic process

  • Reversible process (thermodynamics), a process or cycle such that the net change at each stage in the combined entropy of the system and its surroundings is zero
  • Reversible reaction, a chemical reaction for which the position of the chemical equilibrium is very sensitive to the imposed physical conditions; so the reaction can be made to run either forwards or in reverse by changing those conditions
  • Reversible computing, logical reversibility of a computation - a computational step for which a well-defined inverse exists
  • Reversible error, a legal mistake invalidating a trial
  • Reversible garment, a garment that can be worn two ways
  • Piaget's theory of cognitive development, in which mental reversibility is part of the concrete operational stage, the understanding that numbers and objects can change and then return to their original state
  • Tesla principle, now known as a reversible process in engineering, a process of a system such that a net reverse in operation will accomplish the converse of the original function

Usage examples of "reversibility".

Reschke parks the car and the two of them discuss the reversibility of historical facts, I have to survey in retrospect the United Cemeteries, leveled by government decree, giving their acreage: An area circumscribed on the one hand by the Polyclinic and the Engineering School and on the other by St.