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vb. (en-third-person singular of: ret)

Usage examples of "rets".

Those rets knew what they had because the page told them, a whisper that promised great things!

He might be able to get past the rets and into the fortress, but then he has to destroy the page and get out again.

When other rets scurried past him, bound for the gatehouse and the threat that no longer existed, he either stepped back into the shadows or gave way in deference, a lesser to superiors, of no interest or concern to them.

He backed against the wall, sliding away from the searching rets, who were still uncertain what they were looking for.

The rets, thinking it harmless, barely brushed at it with their weapons.

He could see rets standing all about him, maybe a dozen or so, heavy reptilian bodies cloaked against the dawn light, heads bent between heavy shoulders, voices low and sibilant as they conversed among themselves.

It might have been human once, but now it was covered with gray scales like the rets, flat and expressionless, its green eyes compressed into narrow slits that regarded him with such coldness that he forgot all about the wolf creature.

He would flee the Morgawr and his rets at the first opportunity and continue his search for his missing friends.

Pushing back the horrified Southlanders, the rets swarmed aboard, closing about and rendering them all prisoners.

That bought them several hours, but in the end the rets and their beasts found them anyway.

The ambush caught the rets by surprise, and a handful were killed by bows and arrows and blowguns before the remainder had a chance to take cover.

From behind them, he heard the shouts of the rets and the snarls of other tracking beasts as they tried in vain to break through.

He might have stayed there longer, but he feared that the rets would find a way around.

He shot every arrow he had, killing two of the rets, as well, then threw down the bow and began running once more.

The Elven Prince was kept alone and apart from everyone save the rets who brought him food or took him on deck for brief periods of exercise.