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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Ret \Ret\ (r[e^]t), v. t. See Aret. [Obs.]


Ret \Ret\, v. t. [Akin to rot.] To prepare for use, as flax, by separating the fibers from the woody part by process of soaking, macerating, and other treatment.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

"to soak stems of fibrous plants (flax, hemp, jute, etc.) to soften them," mid-15c., probably from Middle Dutch roten (or an unrecorded cognate Old Norse word that is related to Norwegian røyta, Swedish röta, Danish røde); considered to be related to Old English rotian "to rot" (see rot (v.)), but the vowel is difficult.


Etymology 1 vb. (context transitive English) To prepare (flax, hemp etc.) for further processing by soak, which facilitates separation of fibers from the woody parts of the stem. Etymology 2

  1. retired

  1. v. of flax, hemp, or jute, so as to promote loosening of the fibers form the woody tissue

  2. [also: retting, retted]


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Usage examples of "ret".

He could smell the woodsmoke from the Alengwyneh towns, and other familiar and disgusting odors: the body wastes, the sour, pulpy smell of garbage rotting outside their villages, the tangy stink of their tanneries, the rankling smell of their lime kilns and charcoal pits and the retting vats where they soaked flax and dogbane and heart-tree bark to make cloth fiber.

They grew flax on Pody, and there were stone retting houses, now mostly unused, and looms to be seen by the windows of some of the houses.

The duke had no doubt been awake since before dawn, calling in his London staff of solicitors, agents, and accountants, and settling into Retting House for the Season.

If something foul happens again with her after a peer like Kilcairn, the Retting name and reputation would never escape unscathed.

To deliberately attend a gathering of the ton, knowing that they all knew what the Retting side of the family thought of her, was too painful to contemplate.

She was too worried over whether he would renew his questions about Virgil Retting once they returned, and what she would tell him if he did.

Virgil Retting stood on the landing, leaning over the railing to sneer at her.

Those rets knew what they had because the page told them, a whisper that promised great things!

He might be able to get past the rets and into the fortress, but then he has to destroy the page and get out again.

When other rets scurried past him, bound for the gatehouse and the threat that no longer existed, he either stepped back into the shadows or gave way in deference, a lesser to superiors, of no interest or concern to them.

He backed against the wall, sliding away from the searching rets, who were still uncertain what they were looking for.

The rets, thinking it harmless, barely brushed at it with their weapons.

He could see rets standing all about him, maybe a dozen or so, heavy reptilian bodies cloaked against the dawn light, heads bent between heavy shoulders, voices low and sibilant as they conversed among themselves.

It might have been human once, but now it was covered with gray scales like the rets, flat and expressionless, its green eyes compressed into narrow slits that regarded him with such coldness that he forgot all about the wolf creature.

He would flee the Morgawr and his rets at the first opportunity and continue his search for his missing friends.