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n. (plural of report English) vb. (en-third-person singular of: report)

Usage examples of "reports".

Beginning in 1999, the reports of these commissions made scores of recommendations to address terrorism and homeland security but drew little attention from Congress.

Given similarities to American 11 in hijacker seating and in eyewitness reports of tactics and weapons, as well as the contact between the presumed team leaders, Atta and Shehhi, we believe the tactics were similar on both flights.

West Virginia State Police and asked whether any reports of a downed aircraft had been received.

Instead, the NEADS air defenders heard renewed reports about a plane that no longer existed:American 11.

During the course of the morning, there were multiple erroneous reports of hijacked aircraft.

Command Center learned from news reports that a plane had struck the Pentagon.

Secret Service after hearing secondhand reports that it wanted fighters airborne.

FBI agents did create records of interviews and other investigative efforts, but there were no reports officers to condense the information into meaningful intelligence that could be retrieved and disseminated.

Ladin-related reports that required prior approval before sharing their contents with criminal investigators and prosecutors.

Numerous government reports indicated that checkpoints performed poorly, often failing to detect even obvious FAA test items.

Internet reinforced pressure on analysts to pass along fresh reports to policymakers at an ever-faster pace,trying to add context or supplement what their customers were receiving from the media.

Both reports called attention to the dispersal of effort on too many priorities, the declining attention to the craft of strategic analysis, and security rules that prevented adequate sharing of information.

Center stimulated and coordinated collection of information by CIA stations,compiled the results,and passed selected reports to appropriate stations, the Directorate of Intelligence analysts, other parts of the intelligence community, or to policymakers.

Afghanistan, had noticed a recent stream of reports about Bin Ladin and something called al Qaeda, and suggested to Cohen that the station focus on this one individual.

Several intelligence reports, some of dubious sourcing, mentioned Washington as a possible target.