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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ There would be a counterpart increase in consumer saving as the unpersuaded allowed their bank balances to grow and repaid their debts.
▪ In addition to the inherited Banrural loans still to be repaid, new debt was encouraged by the state and private investors.
▪ Even if the insults were skilfully repaid with interest.
▪ Silent violence is repaid with interest.
▪ The trick was to buy them below face value just before the homeowners repaid their loans.
▪ Within six months, I'd repaid the forty-pound loan from my mom-in-law.
▪ As principal on the loan is repaid, the loan outstanding reduces and capital discharged increases.
▪ This entitles him to refuse to hand them over until he has been repaid the money repayable to him.
▪ Public-sector loans were now to be repaid over 20 years and other loans over 15 years.
▪ But Mr Pulman estimated that could be repaid within two years.
▪ Government-backed loans would be repaid over 15 years, including an eight-year grace period.
▪ The estimated building costs amounted to £6,800 which was to be borrowed and to be repaid within twenty-five years.
▪ A general obligation bond is repaid through property taxes.
▪ Because he wants his investment to be repaid before you take dividends out of your corporation, he asks for preferred stock.
▪ Other advances for fixed periods are only repaid at the end of that period.
▪ The amount of principle repaid is constant with each payment.
▪ The debt is to be repaid through Pima County residents' user fees.
▪ United California sued, and Prudential countered that it could not be compelled to lend money that obviously would not be repaid.
▪ Within eight years he had fully repaid his creditors and accumulated a greater fortune than ever before.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Repaid \Re*paid"\ (r?-p?d"), imp. & p. p. of Repay.


Repay \Re*pay"\ (r?-p?"), v. t. [imp. & p. p. Repaid (-p?d"); p. pr. & vb. n. Repaying.] [Pref. re- + pay: cf. F. repayer.]

  1. To pay back; to refund; as, to repay money borrowed or advanced.

    If you repay me not on such a day, In such a place, such sum or sums.

  2. To make return or requital for; to recompense; -- in a good or bad sense; as, to repay kindness; to repay an injury.

    Benefits which can not be repaid . . . are not commonly found to increase affection.

  3. To pay anew, or a second time, as a debt.

    Syn: To refund; restore; return; recompense; compensate; remunerate; satisfy; reimburse; requite.


vb. (en-past of: repay)

  1. v. pay back; "Please refund me my money" [syn: refund, return, give back]

  2. make repayment for or return something [syn: requite]

  3. act or give recompensation in recognition of someone's behavior or actions [syn: reward, pay back]

  4. answer back [syn: retort, come back, return, riposte, rejoin]

  5. [also: repaid]


See repay

Usage examples of "repaid".

If, as I suspect, you lack the liquid assets necessary to close such a transaction, I will accept your word as a nobleman, and not think of being repaid until after you have had the leisure to plumb all of these obligations into adequate sources of revenue.

Hatsumomo I repaid by scraping up pigeon droppings whenever I was supposed to clean them from the stepping-stones in the courtyard and mixing them in with her face cream.

Proclaim through the ranks that the head of Gregory shall be repaid with his captive daughter, and the equal sum of one hundred thousand pieces of gold.

His services were repaid by the ingratitude of a people unworthy of the happiness which they enjoyed.

Granny I repaid by wiping the toilet rag around on the inside of her sleeping robe.

I'm sure you'll recall that the two of them had wagered about whether my debts would be repaid before I was twenty.

As it turned out, of course, they'd been repaid already though I was only eighteen.

Unfortunately, according to our arrangements, Mameha agreed to take half of what a geisha in her position might usually take, until after Sayuri had repaid her debts.

Now that the debts are repaid, Mameha is of course entitled to the other half, so that she will have earned the full amount.

I thought he must consider me heartless, to have repaid his many kindnesses with neglect.

If you had gone to him, or to any of the other German or Swiss bankers in Lyon, at that time, and said, “This is the last such loan that shall ever be made in Lyon, and it shall never be repaid,” they’d have thought you a madman.

Once she'd learned that good clothes fully repaid the investment, she'd spent some concentrated time learning what colors and styles suited her best.

Messages came through, some of them urgent, some tempting enough, Piemur would have thought, for one of the apprentices to repeat, but no whisper of rumor repaid his immolation.

If even your thoughts are repaid like this, think how much worse is the crime you commit when you enter a woman's chamber, press yourself upon her, and, unseen by ghosts and spirits and beyond the Creator's censure, deprive someone's wife of her chastity!

I realize now that my debts cannot be repaid and that, so long as there are any women left in my family, they will have to go on paying my debts off.