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relief pitcher

n. (context baseball English) A pitcher who enters the game after the starting pitcher or another relief pitcher is removed due to injury, ineffectiveness, ejection from the game or fatigue.

relief pitcher

n. a pitcher who does not start the game [syn: reliever, fireman]

Relief pitcher

In baseball and softball, a relief pitcher or reliever is a pitcher who enters the game after the starting pitcher is removed due to injury, ineffectiveness, fatigue, ejection, or for other strategic reasons, such as being substituted by a pinch hitter. Relief pitchers are further divided informally into various roles, such as closers, set-up relief pitchers, middle relief pitchers, left/right-handed specialists, and long relievers. Whereas starting pitchers usually rest several days before pitching in a game again due to the amount of pitches thrown, relief pitchers are expected to be more flexible and typically pitch more games but with fewer innings pitched. A team's staff of relievers is normally referred to metonymically as a team's bullpen, which refers to the area where the relievers sit during games, and where they warm-up prior to entering the game.

Relief Pitcher (video game)

Relief Pitcher is a 1992 baseball video game originally released for video arcades. Versions of the game were also released for the Atari Lynx and Super NES.

Usage examples of "relief pitcher".

But in the seventies, you see, there was this relief pitcher for St.

If Frey took out the pitcher, Joe would take that one down from the windowsill and put up the relief pitcher in his place.

As much as I'd like to finish this mission, it's time, as Benjamin would say, time to call in a relief pitcher.

And she pulled the earphone of the transistor radio in her apron, out of her ear and, faintly, like fairy trumpets, I heard the tinny sound of Steve Garvey batting the brains out of the Cardinals relief pitcher, bottom of the seventh, two out, a man on third.

Fred took one deep breath, paused like an ace relief pitcher at the top of his wind-up .