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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ A renovated reincarnation of Cassandra would be a good choice for co-anchor.
▪ Brion is very nearly a Sousa reincarnation.
▪ It is, however, generally agreed that the basis of Celtic religion was a belief in reincarnation.
▪ Not believing in reincarnation or the after-life, it's my view that our lives are not dress rehearsals.
▪ Since Bill Clinton took office, Hillary has undergone as many role transformations as her husband has ideological reincarnations.
▪ The theory is directly related to the Hindu concept of Karma, pre-suggesting a principle of reincarnation.
▪ This is the law of reincarnation.
Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1829, "fact of repeated incarnation," from re- "back, again" + incarnation. Meaning "a new embodiment" is from 1854.


n. 1 A rebirth of a mental capacity, such as a soul, in a physical life form, such as a body 2 The idea of such a rebirth, a specific belief or doctrine on how such a rebirth occurs 3 A fresh embodiment 4 A new, considerably improved, version

  1. n. embodiment in a new form (especially the reappearance or a person in another form); "his reincarnation as a lion"

  2. a second or new birth [syn: rebirth]

  3. the Hindu or Buddhist doctrine that person may be reborn successively into one of five classes of living beings (god or human or animal or hungry ghost or denizen of hell) depending on the person's own actions


Reincarnation is the philosophical or religious concept that an aspect of a living being starts a new life in a different physical body or form after each biological death. It is also called rebirth or transmigration, and is a part of the Saṃsāra doctrine of cyclic existence. It is a central tenet of all major Indian religions, namely Buddhism, Hinduism, Jainism, and Sikhism. The idea of reincarnation is found in many ancient cultures, and a belief in rebirth that was held by such historic figures as Pythagoras, Plato, and Socrates. It is also a common belief of various ancient and modern religions such as Spiritism, Theosophy, and Eckankar and is found as well in many tribal societies around the world, in places such as Australia, East Asia, Siberia, and South America.

Although the majority of sects within the Abrahamic religions of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam do not believe that individuals reincarnate, particular groups within these religions do refer to reincarnation; these groups include the mainstream historical and contemporary followers of Kabbalah, the Cathars, Alawites, the Druze, and the Rosicrucians. The historical relations between these sects and the beliefs about reincarnation that were characteristic of Neoplatonism, Orphism, Hermeticism, Manicheanism, and Gnosticism of the Roman era as well as the Indian religions have been the subject of recent scholarly research.

In recent decades, many Europeans and North Americans have developed an interest in reincarnation. Contemporary films, books, and popular songs frequently mention reincarnation.

Reincarnation (William C. Woxlin album)

Reincarnation is a William C. Woxlin album released in 2006. It was meant to be released on January 21 but was pushed forward to 29th. But after a press message William C. Woxlin said: "Since I like my music to be perfect I had to make some new tracks and take away some old".

On the question about the release date William answered: "Maybe... tomorrow, maybe next month or maybe this summer"

It was later released in April.

Reincarnation (film)

is a 2005 Japanese horror film, directed by Takashi Shimizu, of a hopeful actress who wins a role in a film that takes her, the cast and the crew to a hotel where the present soon collides with the past.

It was released as a part of the six-volume J-Horror Theater.

Reincarnation (Ismailism)
Reincarnation (novel)

Reincarnation is a 2008 fantasy novel by American author Suzanne Weyn. The novel was released on January 1, 2008. It tells the story of a two lovers who attempt to find each other through the centuries. The narrative follows the action through time. The individuals are followed throughout Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece, the American Civil War, Paris (Just prior to World War II), the 1960s in the United States, and finally as modern day teenagers.

Reincarnation (Galneryus album)

Reincarnation is the fifth studio album by the Japanese power metal/ neo-classical metal band Galneryus and the last one with Yama-B as singer. It was released on September 10, 2008.

Reincarnation (disambiguation)

Reincarnation is the concept that the soul, after biological death, begins a new life in a new body. Synonyms include past lives and rebirth (from Buddhism).

reincarnation, other forms of this word, and synonyms for it, may also refer to:

  • Reincarnation (film), Japanese horror film from 2005
  • Reincarnation (novel), fantasy novel by American author Suzanne Weyn
  • "Reincarnation" (Futurama), an episode from the sixth season of Futurama
  • Reincarnate, a tentatively titled sequel to the M. Night Shyamalan film Devil (2010 film)
  • a reincarnate lama, from Tibet culture, known as a Tulku
Reincarnation (Ami Suzuki song)

"Reincarnation" is a song recorded by Japanese recording artist Ami Suzuki for her second greatest hits album, Ami Selection (2011). It was written by Emi Hinouchi and production was handled by Taku Takahashi. The track is Suzuki's first collaboration with both Hinouchi and Takahashi. "Reincarnation" premiered on February 25, 2009 as the lead single from the album. The CD and digital cover sleeve has a close-up of Suzuki hovering a GCI bubble. The DVD cover sleeve features a slightly altered version of the former.

Musically, the track was described as a dance and club song, with numerous musical elements including electropop. The lyrics to "Reincarnation" describes Suzuki's celebration of her career and music; it also emphasizes slight themes of "day-to-day" life style. Upon its release, "Reincarnation" garnered positive reviews from music critics and was praised for its composition and emotional lyrical delivery. Suzuki's vocals were also commended. It also achieved lukewarm success in her native Japan, peaking at number 42 on the Japanese Oricon Singles Chart. The song has sold over four thousand units in Japan alone; this is one of Suzuki's lowest selling singles to date.

The accompanying music video for "Reincarnation" was shot in Japan; it features Suzuki inside her home, and walking the streets; several shots feature Suzuki floating in water. For additional promotion, the song was included on the track list on one of Suzuki's concert tours; this being her 29th Anniversary tour at the Liquidroom event.

Reincarnation (Futurama)

"Reincarnation" (originally titled "Resurrection") is the 26th and final episode of the sixth season of the animated sitcom Futurama. It originally aired on Comedy Central on September 8, 2011. This is the only episode not to be animated in its regular animation, instead featuring three different segments, each segment showcasing Futurama "reincarnated" in a different style of animation. The plot of each segment forms part of an overall story arc, revolving around the discovery and subsequent destruction of a Diamondium comet. A running joke for the episode involves a key plot point in each segment being obscured by the specific animation style, though the characters themselves express amazement over what they see.

The episode was written by Aaron Ehasz and directed by Peter Avanzino. Stephen Hawking guest stars during the second segment. David Herman voices Professor Farnsworth in the third segment, in place of regular voice actor Billy West.

Reincarnation (band)

The Reincarnation Orchestra is an Armenian reggae Band from Yerevan, initiated by vocalist Roland Gasparyan, in 2000. The Group has 9 musicians: Roland Gasparyan (Vocals), Artyom Manukyan (Bass guitar), Artur Margaryan (Lead Guitar), Arthur Hovakimyan (Keyboard), Marek Zaborski (Drums/ Percussion), Hayk Ghazaryan (Trumpet), David Minasyan (Trombone), Arthur Grigoryan (Saxophone), Rafik Ayvazyan (Clarinet/ Blul/ Duduk).

Over the years the band has gone through several musicians which influenced the style, by experimenting with the essentials of Armenian folk musician by reinterpreting melodies from many famous artists such as Sayat Nova and adding big influences of Ska & Reggae to the mix.

Usage examples of "reincarnation".

This set off a spark of laughter from those in the audience who agreed the Baptist was probably a lunatic, thinking himself the reincarnation of some ancient prophet.

In this way, via repeated reincarnations, the soul evolved to the point where further reincarnations were no longer needed.

Gerri natters on, from bats and sex and reincarnation to -- working hard now to amuse her audience -- stale crowd-pleasers of lust and gaucherie among her wealthy clientele, Rho is pleasantly tuned to the resonant sound of hissing meat.

Its actual but unaccessible presence in our universe is one of the prime causes for our species elaborating myth and religion, for our stubborn, blind belief in extrasensory powers, in telepathy and precognition, in demons and demigods and resurrection and reincarnation and ghosts and messiahs and so many other categories of not-quite satisfying bullshit.

Independent Institute of Reincarnation Research when Verkan Vall, accompanied by Marnik, called there that afternoon.

Reincarnation, in which the Bonze felt so anxious I should believe, may be true .

Lamaism, especially in its later period, when a celibate monkhood became an instrument of government, was the use of the principle of reincarnation as a form of spiritual and political succession.

Daphne was born of natural parents, actually womb born, the old-fashioned way, and raised in a Primitivist School that did not even have reincarnation.

She found out from a wandering confabulator, a Jongleur from the Warlock Benevolent Mischief School, about Orphic reincarnation banks: and she had never forgiven the mad risk her primitivist parents had taken with her life.

Russell, if Sharp is not, in some fashion, a reincarnation of a shanachie that sang as contemporary in the wars of Gael and Gall.

It is because he is the reincarnation of the shanachie of the Dark Ages.

I have searched for my Hanis, hoping he would, with the reincarnation of souls, comeback to me, forsaking all others for, he, my true love.

Robert began to speak of the most fantastic experience and any doubts, any last lingering hope thatRobert was not the reincarnation of the ancient Egyptian physician Hanis, vanished.

Sovereign Presence, the Holiest of Lamas, he who is an actual reincarnation of the Pota.

And that drone brought another memory, a story of reincarnation for warriors told by a Chicano ex-low-rider devotee of Huitzilopochtli, the Nahua god of war, who gave all the brave men who died in his name the reward of eternal beauty, endless reincarnations as living creatures of beauty.