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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Rei \Rei\ (r?), n.;pl. Reis (r?"?s or r?z). [Pg. real, pl. reis. See Real a coin.] A portuguese money of account, in value about one tenth of a cent. [Spelt also ree.]


n. An old Portuguese money of account.


Rei is both a Japanese given name and a Hebrew given name.

  • In Japanese, Rei can have different meanings depending on the kanji used.
  • In Hebrew, the name Rei (רעי Re`iY) originates in biblical texts which mean "my shepherd; my companion; my friend".
  • In Hebrew, the word 'Rei' can be used for (or by) either gender, while in Japanese, Rei is generally only a given name for females. Rei can also be used as a surname.

Usage examples of "rei".

She was feeling the exhilarating lift of the liquor when she joined Rei for the evening meal.

She mentioned that Outworld was the planet of love, and Rei asked for explanation.

She was much impressed to learn that Rei had seemed to receive some form of thought from the ifflings.

Mates were chosen by vast computers which looked down to the lowest level of the reproductive system to match genes, to refine the race, as Rei put it, to promote racial excellence.

In fact, the crew of the ill-fated star ship on which Rei had come to the Artonuee system had been integrated.

Without speaking, she slipped out of her gown, stood before Rei naked, wings unfolding.

To Rei, who was not unaccustomed to sexual acts, the effect was miraculous.

Has the thought occurred to anyone else that the mating of Rei and Miaree could have more than personal consequence?

When she arrived, robed in purple, comely beyond his belief, accompanied by the alien, Rei, he nodded to Untell, awake, tense, seated at the main console.

Then, before the arrival of the first fleet and the nervous confrontation of two separate races, it was only Rei and Miaree and the flood of well-being which his kiss engendered in her and the pleasure of shared knowledge and intimacies and endless days of talk as they sat, or lay, or walked in the Bloom and then, with Mother Aglee becoming querulous in demanding a report, the lovely flight from Outworld to New World and the pride she felt in Rei when he mastered the techniques of flying so easily.

As Miaree and Rei merged into one, so the technology of the two races merged and brought forth not dead-flesh eggs, but a triumph of engineering.

For the mires expander and the converters, lowering, as they did, the mass of the flyer, eliminating inertia, fitted with the fusion engine of the Delanians as Rei fitted with Miaree.

The wonder of it never left her, was with her, full force, as from the viewer-enclosed snugness of her South Cold weekend retreat on Five, she watched Rei bend and examine an ice formation.

Simply put, the alkaline seminal fluid of Rei reacted with female hormones to cause a slight irritation of inner tissue.

Then, with a decisive movement, she pushed a communicator and asked Rei to come into the office.