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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Rei \Rei\ (r?), n.;pl. Reis (r?"?s or r?z). [Pg. real, pl. reis. See Real a coin.] A portuguese money of account, in value about one tenth of a cent. [Spelt also ree.]


Etymology 1 n. (alternative form of rei English) Etymology 2

  1. 1 (context Now chiefly dialectal English) wild; fierce; outrageous; overexcited; frenzied; delirious; crazy. 2 (context Now chiefly dialectal English) befuddled with liquor; half-drunk; tipsy. alt. 1 (context Now chiefly dialectal English) wild; fierce; outrageous; overexcited; frenzied; delirious; crazy. 2 (context Now chiefly dialectal English) befuddled with liquor; half-drunk; tipsy. n. 1 (context Now chiefly dialectal English) A state of befuddlement; intoxication. 2 (context Now chiefly dialectal English) A state of great excitement or frenzy. v

  2. 1 (context intransitive now chiefly dialectal English) To become extremely excited; fly into a rage. 2 (context transitive now chiefly dialectal English) To drive into a state of excitement; fire with enthusiasm. Etymology 3

    vb. (context obsolete UK dialect English) To riddle; to sift; to separate or throw off.


Ree or REE may refer to:

  • Paul Rée, philosopher
  • Lough Ree, an Irish lake
  • Ree, County Londonderry, a townland in County Londonderry, Northern Ireland
  • Reduced enamel epithelium, sometimes called reduced dental epithelium, overlies a developing tooth
  • Arikara, a Native American tribe (also Arikaree or Ree)
  • Rare earth element, a group of elements used in geochemistry
  • Re'eh (ראה in Hebrew), the 47th weekly parshah or portion in the annual Jewish cycle of Torah reading and the fourth in the book of Deuteronomy
  • Female of the Ruff being a sandpiper type wader also Reeve
  • Resident Evil: Extinction, a 2007 film
  • Resource and Energy Economics, a journal on energy economics and environmental economics
  • Red Eléctrica de España, the Spanish transmission system operator
  • Radio Exterior de España, the Spanish government international broadcaster
  • Resting energy expenditure, the amount of calories required for a 24-hour period by the body during resting conditions
  • Ruby (programming language) Enterprise Edition
  • Rimhak Ree, a Korean Canadian mathematician (1922–2005)
  • Killashandra Ree, a fictional character in the Crystal Singer by Anne McCaffrey

Usage examples of "ree".

No doubt Brock had chosen Rees to squire her around for exactly that reason.

Rees, and not Brock, chaperoned her and carried her packages and lent her money when she lost at the gaming tables.

Erase Khitu and Chai, and Kettrick vanishes as though he had never returned to Ree Darva, leaving only Seri and Larith to remember in discReet silence.

Ceinwen Rees seized the bowl and with a tight nod turned and went out through the back door just as Dai Fargo barged his way through the front door and slammed it noisily.

Zijn studententijd rees even, als een periode van jongensdartelheid, voor zijn geest, maar hij herinnerde zich tevens, hoe oom Verstraeten hem in die periode telkens had voortgedreven tot een examen, en van dat examen tot een ander examen.

Rees was moved to recognize Grye, tears streaking his blackened cheeks.

Belt had been a descent into hell for Grye, Cipse and the rest, for Rees it had been the meticulous opening of an old wound.

Rees agreed with Grye and the rest that he should be left undisturbed in the Belt.

Rees, with Hollerbach and Grye, walked around the perimeter of the work area.

Rees walked into the room, nodding at Leke to give him a plate of coddled eggs.

She cast a proud look at Rees, whose highwayman costume set off his blond good looks, and then at Neddy, whose white harlequin costume with the black diamonds perfectly reflected his amusing nature.

Rees caught her look and clasped her arm in his, while Neddy jammed his Napoleon hat on his head, then muttered some nonsense in her ear that made her laugh.

While Rees remained naught but a brother to her in manner, Neddy sometimes made her wonder.

Had Ree known that he had intended to participate directly in the evacuation runs over Oghen, he might have had been tempted to place Keru in a restraining field.

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