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n. (plural of ree English)


Rees is a very common Welsh name that traces back to the ancient Celts known as the Britons. The surname was first recorded in Carmarthenshire, and is derived from the personal name Rhys. Rhys is very common in Wales, and is sometimes common in England.

Notable individuals named Rees include the following:

  • Abraham Rees (1743–1825), compiler of Rees's Cyclopaedia and a botanist
  • Alan Rees, British Formula One driver
  • Albert E. Rees (1921–1992) American economist, presidential adviser, and Princeton provost.
  • Albert E. Rees (actor) 19th-century comic opera actor
  • Aneurin Rees (1858–1932), Wales rugby union international
  • Angharad Rees (1949–2012), British actress
  • Billy Rees (1924–1996), Welsh international footballer
  • Brinley Rees (1919–2004), British classicist
  • Celia Rees, British author
  • Clive Rees, Wales and British Lions rugby union international
  • Conway Rees (1870–1932), Welsh rugby union international
  • Dai Rees (born 1913), Welsh golfer
  • Dai Rees (scientist) (born 1936), British biochemist and science administrator
  • Dan Rees, Welsh international rugby player
  • David Rees (disambiguation), several people
  • Don Rees, warden of Hugh Stewart Hall in the University of Nottingham for 29 years
  • Elgan Rees, Wales and British Lions rugby union international
  • Elmer Rees, British geometer
  • Emilio Rees, ASEMTHSA president.
  • Fernando Rees (born 1985), Brazilian auto racing driver
  • Gareth Rees (disambiguation), multiple people, including:
    • Gareth Rees (cricketer) (born 1985), Welsh cricketer
    • Gareth Rees (motorsport commentator) (born 1969), Welsh motorsport commentator
    • Gareth Rees (rugby union) (born 1967), former Canadian rugby player
    • Gareth Rees (software developer) (born 1971), computer programmer responsible for the game Christminster
  • Gavin Rees (born 1980), Welsh professional boxer
  • Geraint Rees, British neurologist and neuroscientist
  • Goronwy Rees (1909-1979), Welsh journalist, academician, memoirist, and Soviet spy
  • Grover Rees, III (born 1951), U.S. judge and diplomat
  • Jason Rees (disambiguation)
  • Jean Rees (1914–2004), British artist
  • Jeremy Rees (1937–2003), British arts administrator
  • Jerry Rees, U.S. animator and film director
  • John Rees (disambiguation), multiple people, including:
    • John Rees (activist) (born 1957), British political activist and writer
    • John Rees (journalist), American journalist
    • Sir John David Rees (1854–1922), colonial administrator in British India and Member of Parliament
    • John Rees (musician) (1857–1949), Welsh musician
    • John Rawlings Rees (1890–1969), British psychiatrist
  • Idwal Rees (1910–1991), Wales rugby union captain
  • Ivor Rees (1893–1967), Welsh soldier and recipient of the Victoria Cross
  • Katie Rees, a former American beauty queen
  • Laurence Rees, (born 1957), British historian, author and documentary filmmaker
  • Leighton Rees (born 1940), Welsh darts player
  • Lionel Wilmot Brabazon Rees (1884–1955), Welsh World War I flying ace
  • Lloyd Rees (1895–1988), Australian landscape painter
  • Martin Rees, Baron Rees of Ludlow (born 1942), British Astronomer Royal
  • Matt Rees, (born 1967) Welsh novelist
  • Matthew Rees, Wales and British Lions rugby union international
  • Merlyn Rees (1920–2006), British Labour party politician and minister
  • Milsom Rees (1866–1952), Welsh surgeon
  • Nathan Rees, (born 1968) Australian politician with the Labor Party, and Premier of New South Wales
  • Nigel Rees (born 1944), English writer and broadcaster
  • Nigel Rees (footballer) (born 1953), Welsh footballer
  • Peter Rees (born 1926), British Conservative party politician
  • Paul Rees (born 1986), British racing driver
  • Ronnie Rees, Welsh international footballer
  • Roger Rees (born 1944), British-American actor
  • Ronnie Rees (born 1944), Welsh footballer
  • Stuart Rees, director of the Sydney Peace Foundation
  • Thomas Rees (disambiguation), multiple people, including:
    • Thomas Rees (Unitarian minister) (1777–1864), Welsh Unitarian minister and scholar
    • Thomas Rees (Twm Carnabwth) (c. 1806–1876; also known as Twm Carnabwth), Welsh leader of the Rebecca Riots
    • Thomas Rees (Congregational minister) (1815–1885), Welsh Congregationalist minister
    • Thomas Ifor Rees (1890–1977), Welsh diplomat and translator
    • Tom Rees (rugby union) (born 1984), English rugby union player
    • Tommy Rees (1904–1968), Welsh dual-code rugby player
    • Thomas Wynford Rees (1898–1959), British soldier in the British Indian Army
  • William Rees (disambiguation), several people
Rees (disambiguation)

Rees is a surname. It derives from the Welsh name Rhys.

Rees may also refer to:

  • Rees algebra, named after the mathematician David Rees
  • Rees, Germany, a city on the lower Rhine
  • Rees's Cyclopædia, a nineteenth-century encyclopedia, particularly rich in coverage of science and technology
  • Rees River, a river in New Zealand
  • 4587 Rees, an Amor asteroid

Usage examples of "rees".

Roch had not denied them that yet and when the break came Rees met Cipse beneath the glow of a globe lamp.

Wiping his face clear Rees jumped into the network of bones and began to clamber up toward the light, his thrusting feet crushing ribs and skeletal fingers.

It drowned Rees in a huge pain, burnt him with the fierce, enormous agony of it all.

Bizarrely, he and Rees seemed to be being pulled toward opposite ends of the ship.

Groggily Rees pulled himself from his sleeping net and moved slowly about the jumbled cabin, grinding through his wake-up routines.

Belt the centripetal force faded, so that Rees drifted briefly through true weightlessness.

The chair rolled slowly to a halt, carrying Rees a few yards from the trail of the cable.

Belt to Raft, and so after his moment of decision following the foundry implosion Rees had resolved to stow away on the next tree to visit the Belt.

Ignoring the watching Rees the man dropped without hesitation across empty air to a cabin and began to make his way around the Beit.

Soon Rees was bent over a fire bowl, scraping ash and soot from the iron with shaped blades of wood.

Every tethering cable was vertical and quite taut, and Rees could almost feel the exertion of the harnessed tRees as they strained against the pull of the Core.

But Rees was waiting for an answer, a look of bright inquiry in his eyes.

Over the volumes appeared a round face topped by a bald scalp, and Rees recognized Cipse, the Chief Navigator.

Raft itself, was embedded the gleaming cylinder which Rees had spotted on his first arrival here.

The plates of the disassembled hull lapped around the cylinder, and Rees saw how neatly they had been cut and joined to the wall.