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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
acknowledge receipt
▪ I would be grateful if you would acknowledge receipt of this letter.
box office receipts/takings etc (=the number of tickets sold or the money received)
▪ The precise figure will not be available until receipts and expenses in connection with the Steam Engine Rally are all in.
▪ The procedure will usually be started at 17.50 on the first available evening after receipt of the form.
▪ Local authorities will be permitted to spend all their capital receipts realised from 13 November to the end of 1993.
▪ There is obviously an argument here, as with capital receipts, for the grant to be returned to the spending programme.
▪ Local authorities are also constrained in the proportion of capital receipts they may use to support capital expenditure.
▪ Councils can spend a quarter of their capital receipts from council house sales however they want.
▪ That attitude exposes the fact that Labour's posture on capital receipts is totally fraudulent.
▪ An excess of receipts over payments can not be called income because receipts might include capital receipts.
▪ If the Labour party were in power, there would be no capital receipts.
▪ They can also be supplemented by capital receipts and trading profits.
▪ These clauses give the talent a percentage of the movie's gross receipts.
▪ They will report back the general sentiment on sales tax, gross receipts tax, business transaction tax.
▪ In particular, it is recognised that agents may use some assets as a buffer-stock against unforeseen changes in net receipts.
▪ That account tells us the amount of net payments over receipts compared with the budgeted figures.
▪ That is the difference between total receipt and total trading costs.
▪ Cash income, which is total receipts minus total trading spending, is a better indication, said Sir Hector.
▪ In unemployment, total income receipts in period t net of search costs, and.
▪ The criterion is the number of years before the pre-tax cash receipts from the project pay back the capital invested.
▪ Official attendance at Windsor Park was 6,500 but gate receipts for the international reflected a crowd of 9,000!
▪ They used to keep the gate receipts in a brown paper bag.
▪ Recently relegated to the first division, the projected loss of Premier League gate receipts meant a further deficit of £400,000.
▪ We get our revenue from two sources, gate receipts and television.
▪ Even membership subscriptions and gate receipts held up.
▪ The gate receipts are going down faster than the guys who step into the ring against him.
▪ Leave popular players out of your side and gate receipts could drop.
▪ Unless Anderson has come up with a new math, the restriction means a $ 250, 000 reduction in gate receipts.
▪ Any post office receipts for registered mail should be gummed into a special book kept for that purpose. 5.
▪ He and Eng reasoned that box office receipts would help pay the way back to Los Angeles.
▪ Poor dear David Marquis, mid-nervous breakdown owing to last night's appalling Box Office receipts, has left at 8 a.m.
▪ But just as the international community was beginning to catch on, quality began to drop and box office receipts went down.
▪ The entire box office receipts were normally given to the lucky artiste.
▪ Recession is the culprit: it has slashed tax receipts and driven up the cost of unemployment benefits.
▪ Furthermore, great variations in the size of tax receipts and disbursements exist among the states.
▪ In 1990/1 it contributed 27 percent of all tax receipts - not more, it is important to note.
▪ Corporation tax receipts were also below last year's.
▪ The local authority borrowing requirement fell to £1.8 billion last year from £3.4 billion, suggesting higher poll tax receipts.
▪ We might have expected this switch to reinforce the downward trend in the ratio of direct to indirect tax receipts.
▪ Please acknowledge receipt of this letter.
▪ We would acknowledge receipt of Indictment 86-1246 and waive formal reading.
▪ I should be grateful if you would acknowledge the receipt of this letter.
▪ The Social Work Department duly acknowledged the receipt of letters sent to the nine children care of the department.
▪ We do not normally acknowledge receipt of letters for publication.
▪ Liverpool have acknowledged receipt of their letter in which they hold Saunders responsible for dangerous play.
▪ He will acknowledge receipt of your reference within 5 working days.
▪ The drafter can avoid such disputes by appropriate wording: We acknowledge receipt of your order and agree to supply you.
▪ Weekly benefits are paid at four weekly intervals, in arrears, following receipt of medical certificates.
▪ The court will automatically serve the defendant by post following receipt of the request for a summons unless the plaintiff otherwise requests.
▪ The procedure will be started at 17.50 on the first available evening following receipt of the form.
▪ The infant can not give a receipt which executors, administrators or trustees can safely take.
▪ But applicants will be given a receipt, along with their old green card, to use as proof of legal residency.
▪ The cashier should give a receipt to the receptionist that he or she has taken charge of the money.
▪ The premium should be included with your deposit and the policy will be issued on receipt.
▪ They never did so; it was not, they said, police practice to issue such receipts.
▪ Exchanges done through cash machines which can not issue receipts are exempt from this provision.
▪ Always remember to keep your receipt to check against your statement.
▪ They used to keep the gate receipts in a brown paper bag.
▪ If you bought them, keep the receipt so that you can prove how much they are worth.
▪ However, it is necessary to produce receipts when dealing with leasehold property.
▪ They are required to produce receipts for each expenditure for which they are reimbursed.
▪ The sale of council houses has produced substantial capital receipts, and smaller amounts have come from the sale of other assets.
▪ I challenged him to produce a receipt.
▪ You sign the receipt and collect your copy.
▪ She sent a registered letter and the Post Office sent her his signed receipt for it, dated May 18.
▪ Gary and Aggi also required the vendors to sign receipts recording the money paid and the specific goods.
▪ Doug wrote out a receipt, as usual taking his time.
▪ Keep your credit card receipts until your statement arrives.
▪ Purchases may be returned if you show your receipt.
▪ Euro Disney was also in demand, up 20p at 965p after a rise in foreign visitor receipts.
▪ In particular, you should normally return a test corrected within seven days of its receipt.
▪ It includes all cash payments by the government, and all cash receipts.
▪ On receipt of my father's letter, I got drunk and sent him a cheque for twenty grand.
▪ She said Thresher was aware of the receipt for £18.37 and had established that it belonged to another customer.
▪ The gate receipts are going down faster than the guys who step into the ring against him.
▪ With accruals accounting, of course, postponing or bringing forward cash payments or receipts has no effect.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Receipt \Re*ceipt"\ (r[-e]*s[=e]t"), n. [OE. receite, OF. recete, recepte, F. recette, fr. L. recipere, receptum, to receive. See Receive.]

  1. The act of receiving; reception. ``At the receipt of your letter.''

  2. Reception, as an act of hospitality. [Obs.]

    Thy kind receipt of me.

  3. Capability of receiving; capacity. [Obs.]

    It has become a place of great receipt.

  4. Place of receiving. [Obs.]

    He saw a man, named Matthew, sitting at the receipt of custom.
    --Matt. ix. 9.

  5. Hence, a recess; a retired place. [Obs.] ``In a retired receipt together lay.''

  6. A formulary according to the directions of which things are to be taken or combined; a recipe; as, a receipt for making sponge cake.

    She had a receipt to make white hair black.
    --Sir T. Browne.

  7. A writing acknowledging the taking or receiving of goods delivered; an acknowledgment of money paid.

  8. That which is received; that which comes in, in distinction from what is expended, paid out, sent away, and the like; -- usually in the plural; as, the receipts amounted to a thousand dollars.

    Gross receipts. See under Gross, a.


Receipt \Re*ceipt"\, v. t. [imp. & p. p. Receipted; p. pr. & vb. n. Receipting.]

  1. To give a receipt for; as, to receipt goods delivered by a sheriff.

  2. To put a receipt on, as by writing or stamping; as, to receipt a bill.


Receipt \Re*ceipt"\, v. i. To give a receipt, as for money paid.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

late 14c., "act of receiving;" also "statement of ingredients in a potion or medicine;" from Anglo-French or Old North French receite "receipt, recipe, prescription" (c.1300), altered (by influence of receit "he receives," from Vulgar Latin *recipit) from Old French recete, from Latin recepta "received," fem. past participle of recipere (see receive). Meaning "written acknowledgment of money or goods received" is from c.1600.


n. 1 The act of receiving, or the fact of having been received. 2 (label en obsolete) The fact of having received a blow, injury etc. 3 (label en in the plural) A quantity or amount received; takings. 4 A written acknowledgment that a specified article or sum of money has been received. 5 A recipe, instructions, prescription. 6 (label en obsolete) A receptacle. 7 (label en obsolete) A revenue office. 8 (label en obsolete) reception, as an act of hospitality. 9 (label en obsolete) Capability of receiving; capacity. 10 (label en obsolete) A recess; a retired place. vb. 1 To give or write a receipt (for something) 2 To put a receipt on, as by writing or stamping; to mark a bill as having been paid

  1. n. the act of receiving [syn: reception]

  2. an acknowledgment (usually tangible) that payment has been made

  1. v. report the receipt of; "The program committee acknowledged the submission of the authors of the paper" [syn: acknowledge]

  2. mark or stamp as paid


A receipt is a written acknowledgment that a specified article or payment has been received. A receipt records the sale of goods or provision of a service. If the recipient of the payment is required to collect a tax from the customer, the amount collected would also be included on the receipt and the amount would be deemed to have been collected on behalf of the relevant government tax authority. In many countries a retailer is required to include the tax and similar amounts in the price of goods sold. Similarly, amounts may be deducted from amounts payable, as in the case of wage withholding taxes. On the other hand, tips or other gratuities given by a customer, for example in a restaurant, would not form part of the payment amount. In some countries, it is obligatory for a business to provide a receipt to a customer confirming the details of a transaction. In most cases the recipient of money provides the receipt, but in some cases the receipt is generated by the payer, as in the case of goods returned to a store for a refund. A receipt is not the same as an invoice.

However, there is usually no set form for a receipt, such as a requirement that it be machine generated. Many point-of-sale terminals or cash registers automatically produce receipts. Receipts may also be generated by accounting systems, be manually produced or generated electronically, for example if there is not a face-to-face transaction. To reduce the cost of postage and processing, many businesses do not mail receipts to customers, unless specifically requested or required by law; some transmitting them electronically. Others, to reduce time and paper, may endorse an invoice, account or statement as "Paid".

Usage examples of "receipt".

Her father, whose name was Moses, thought it a good bargain, congratulated his daughter, took the forty pistoles and gave me a receipt, and begged me to do them the honour of breakfasting with them the next day.

Interpose is hereby directed to provide, pursuant to Federation law and naval restrictions, all services requested by Pandronian representaffve Commander Ari bn Bem subsequent to his receipt of important message to him from his government.

Michel handed over bezants and silver in the sum of seventy-two sous, a sum that a week ago had seemed impossibly large, and received a neatly written receipt.

When he had done so, I handed him eight sequins out of my own purse, and made him give me a receipt in the name of the captain, who could only speak German, Hungarian, and Latin.

Now, I can tell you, that your auld Laird is disturbed in his grave by your curses, and the wailing of your family, and if ye daur venture to go to see him, he will give you the receipt.

Bonneval gave me a letter for Cardinal Acquaviva, which I sent to Rome with an account of my journey, but his eminence did not think fit to acknowledge the receipt of either.

After telling him of my fears, I slipped into his hand a packet of three hundred louis, for which I did not ask for a receipt, saying that they were to defray expenses if I were mulcted in costs.

Only arrived at Dilling ham last night to find Cecil ia Sea- grave in receipt of a dashed odd message about the whereabouts of her family!

Prescott, there was a little package for Captain Wren, expressed, and Doty signed the receipt and sent it by the orderly.

Off the top Oscar, I said off the top, they have gross participation deals, percentage of the gross cash receipts that come in from the movie theatres, networks, cable, home video, foreign exhibitors, net they figure on an accrual basis after their negative costs and distribution, advertising the rest of.

Wang wrinkled her nose at the latest potpourri simmering on the decorative brazier, reminded Xiao Fei to dust the good-fortune frogs, then wandered off for her hair appointment while taking the morning receipts with her.

After a spirited debate with a genderless dullard regarding my lack of a receipt versus my willingness to stand there all night and argue, I proffered money for a packet of prints.

When the hacendado entered the kitchen they shook hands gravely and the hacendado asked after his health and he said that it was excellent and handed him the pieces of the letter together with a sheaf of bills and receipts from cafes and gas stations and feedstores and jails and he handed him the money he had left including the change in his pockets and he handed him the keys to the truck and lastly he handed him the factura from the Mexican aduana at Piedras Negras together with a long manilla envelope tied with a blue ribbon that contained the papers on the horse and the bill of sale.

The total receipts amounted to two millions, and the administration made a profit of six hundred thousand francs, of which Paris alone had contributed a hundred thousand francs.

Paris had eighteen or twenty ternes, and although they were small they increased the reputation of the lottery, and it was easy to see that the receipts at the next drawing would be doubled.