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Rast (Dungeons & Dragons)

In the Dungeons & Dragons fantasy role-playing game, the rast is an outsider from the Elemental Plane of fire.

Rast (maqam)

Rast Panjgah (or Rast; Persian: راست پنج گاه) is the name of a Dastgah (musical mode) in Persian and related systems of music.

Rast is a Persian word (راست) meaning "right" or "direct". Rast is regarded as the basic Dastgah in Persian music and later on was copied in Arabic music and Turkish makam music, in the same way as the major scale in Western music, though it is rather different from the major scale in detail. Rast features a half-flat third and a half-flat seventh scale degrees.

Middle eastern Sephardic Jews liken the word Rast to head from the Hebrew word "rosh". Therefore, they have a tradition of applying Maqam Rast to the prayers whenever they begin a new Torah book in the weekly Torah portions (this occurs approximately five times a year as there are five books in the Torah).

Maqam Rast on Do: Do / Re / Mi (half-Flat) / Fa / Sol / La / Si (H-F) / Do.

Maqam Rast RE: Re / Mi / Fa# (half-Sharp) / Sol / La / Si / Do# (H-S) / Re.

Maqam Rast Mi: Mi / Fa# / Sol# (H-S) / La / Si / Do# / Re# (H-S) / Mi.

Maqam Rast Fa: Fa / Sol / La (H-F) / Si flat / Do / Re / Mi (H-F) / Fa.

Maqam Rast Sol: Sol / La / Si (H-F) / Do / Re / Mi / Fa# (H-S) / Sol.

Maqam Rast La: La / Si / Do# (H-S) / Re / Mi / Fa# / Sol# (H-S) / La.

Maqam Rast Si: si / Do# / Re# (H-S) / Mi / Fa# / Sol# / La# (H-S) / Si.

(H-F) is Half-Flat: keep in mind that flat lowers the note half step down, Half flat means the note is lowered 1/4 step down)

(H-S) is Half-Sharp: Sharp raises the note half step up, half sharp raises it 1/4 step up)


Rast or RAST may refer to:

  • Rast, Dolj, a commune in Dolj County, Romania
  • Rast, Iran, a city in Gilan Province, Iran
  • Rast (maqam), a Dastgah in Persian music
  • Rast, an old Scandinavian unit of distance
  • Radio Amateur Society of Thailand
  • RAST test (radioallergosorbent test), a blood test for identifying allergies
  • RAST system, used for naval helicopter operations
  • RAST (Recognition by Adaptive Subdivision of Transformation Space), a family of algorithms for geometric matching
  • Rast (character), a character in the A Song of Ice and Fire novels
Rast (Novi Pazar)

Rast (Novi Pazar) is a village situated in Novi Pazar municipality in Serbia.

Rast (mode)

Rast is a musical modal system in traditional mugham music.

This is the first mode of main modes in mugham which kept its base and root, unchanged its function during the historical period of development. Rast mugam based on this mode is called “mother of mugams”. Rast mode consists of 1+1+0.5 tone, which is created in three tetra-chords in the result of amalgamation of reach method of the first main tetra-chord. Literaryly, Rast creates courage and cheerfulness at listener. Subgenres of Rast are: Bardasht (with Novruzu-Ravanda), Maye, Ushshag, Huseyni, Vilayati, Dilkesh, Kurdu, Shikasteyi-fars (Khojasta), Erag, Penjgah, Rak-Khorasani, Gerai, space for Rast. Other mugams relating to the Rast are: Mahur, Mahur-Hindi, Orta Mahur, Bayaty-Gajar, Gatar.