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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Rani \Ra"ni\ (r[aum]"n[=e]), n. [Hind. r[=a]n[=i], Skr. r[=a]jn[=i]. See Rajah.] A queen or princess; the wife of a rajah. [Written also ranee.] [India]


n. (alternative spelling of rani English)


n. (the feminine of raja) a Hindu princess or the wife of a raja [syn: rani]


Ranee can be:

  • an alternative spelling of Rani (Devnagari: रानी)
  • HMS Ranee - a British escort carrier

Usage examples of "ranee".

Acting as the new wuzeer of the ranee, who was regent during the minority of her son, Dhuleep Singh, Lall Singh directed the sheik to summon a meeting of the chieftains of the mountain country subjected by treaty to the new Maharajah Gholab Singh, and to organise among them an armed resistance to his power.

The bulk of the British army remained in the Punjaub for some months, various circumstances affording grounds for suspicion as to the good faith of the ranee and her durbar.

Ranee Bane doesn't need the extreme prejudice of your silver hammer.

Sallah, jewel in my night, my golden girl, my emerald-eyed ranee, why did I never tell you before how much you mean to me?

A tableful of men with poker chips in front of them waved to Ranee when he came inside.