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Rânca is a recently developed Romanian resort, located at 1,600 m (5,250 ft) elevation, at the foothill of Păpuşa Peak in the Parâng Mountains.

It is located 17.9 kilometers away from Novaci, Gorj County, after passing on the Transalpina (DN67C) road through the Parâng Mountains. There are views of the Parângu Mare peak and, when the weather is clear, one can see Peleaga peak of the Retezat Mountains. During the winter, there are more than five ski slopes open ranging from low to increased difficulty.

There are all kinds of accommodations, ranging from hotels to small family businesses. The shops that can be found in Rânca can provide supplies of food and some other necessities to backpackers and bikers.

Every year in September on the Trasalpina road between Novaci and Rânca, the Rânca Stage of the National Rally Championship of Hill Climb is held.


Ranča (1,433 m) is a mountain in central Bosnia, in the municipality of Travnik, Dobretići and Jajce. The territory of Dobretići is almost entirely on the mountain (formerly with about 20 Croatian villages and hamlets).

Under the northeastern slopes of Ranča flows Ugar, along which there is a narrow valley Pougarje. It is exposed to the steep slopes Korićani’s Rocks and of Ugarske stijene (Ugar’s Rocks), i.e. the mouths of Ilomska and Kobilja.

The highest peaks are Ranče are suhi Vrh (Dry peak, 1,433 m), Gola Glavica (Naked head, 1,464 m) and Vitorog (1,478 m).

The Ranča is rich in mixed deciduous-coniferous forest communities, which are interspersed with mountain pastures. In the woods lives typical game for this way of biocenoses, among others: bear, wolf, fox, wild boar, badger, hedgehog et al.