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Rana \Ra"na\ (r[=a]"n[.a]), n. [L., a frog.] (Zo["o]l.) A genus of anurous batrachians, including the common frogs.


Råna is a mountain in Møre og Romsdal county, Norway. The mountain sits on the municipal border between Ørsta Municipality and Sykkylven Municipality. It is part of Hjelledalstindane mountains in the Sunnmørsalpene range. The tall mountain is located about east of the village of Store Standal in Ørsta Municipality and about south of the village of Straumgjerde in Sykkylven Municipality.

Rana (genus)

Rana (commonly known as the Holarctic true frogs, pond frogs or brown frogs) is a genus of frogs. Members of this genus are found through much of Eurasia, North America, Central America, and the northern half of South America. Many other genera were formerly included here; see below for details.

These true frogs are usually largish species characterized by their slim waists and wrinkled skin; many have thin ridges running along their backs but they generally lack "warts" like in typical toads. They are excellent jumpers due to their long slender legs. The typical webbing found on their hind feet allows for easy movement through water. Coloration is mostly greens and browns above, with darker and yellowish spots.

Rana (title)

Rana ( Sanskrit: ) is a historical title of Rajput origin, denoting an absolute monarch. Today, it is used as a hereditary name in South Asia.

Rani is the title for the wife of a rana or a female monarch. It also applies to the wife of a raja. Compound titles include rana sahib, ranaji, rana bahadur, and maharana.

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Raná is name of several locations in the Czech Republic:

  • Raná (Chrudim District), a village in Pardubice Region
  • Raná (Louny District), a village in Ústí nad Labem Region
Raná (Chrudim District)
See other locations named Raná (disambiguation).

Raná is a village in the Pardubice Region of the Czech Republic. It has around 360 inhabitants.

Villages Medkovy Kopce and Oldřetice are administrative parts of Raná.

Rana (name)

Rana also spelled as Raana or Ranaa is a given name and a surname. In Arabic ( Arabic: رنا); , the name means "beautiful, eye-catching", stemming from the word yarnū يرنو, meaning to "to gaze at longingly". It is very popular in Iran, Azerbaijan, Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Raná (Louny District)

Raná is a village and municipality ( obec) in Louny District in the Ústí nad Labem Region of the Czech Republic.

The municipality covers an area of , and has a population of 236 (as at 28 August 2006).

Raná lies approximately north of Louny, south-west of Ústí nad Labem, and north-west of Prague.

Rana (film)

Rana is an shelved historical action film co-written and directed by K. S. Ravikumar starring Rajinikanth, whose story the film would be based upon. Deepika Padukone was signed as the female lead. The film would have been jointly produced by Ocher Picture Productions and Eros International. The film would have featured cinematographer R. Rathnavelu and music would have been composed by A. R. Rahman.

Principal photography, began on 29 April 2011. During the first schedule of filming, Rajinikanth fell ill on sets and was admitted to hospital for over a month, resulting in an indefinite postponement of filming. Further attempts for the film to continue production throughout the year failed.

In April 2014, it was announced that Rana script would be written, and would be ready in six months, although by August 2015, the film was no longer in development.

Rana (1998 film)

Rana is a 1998 Telugu Action film produced by K. Meenakshi Naidu on Rudvega Productions banner and directed by A. Kodandarami Reddy. Starring Nandamuri Balakrishna, Heera Rajagopal, Bhagyasri in the lead roles and music composed by Koti.

Rana (software)

is a female vocal released for Vocaloid 3.

Usage examples of "rana".

Damodara and Rana Sanga had asked them to accomplish the incredibly difficult task of riding from Bharakuccha to Ajmer in two weeks.

If the Rana would sign this paper also as an assurance of friendship, to be shown the Pindari Chief, it would help greatly.

When the garrison reached the ancient city, the former capital of both the Kalinga and Chedi dynasties, they discovered that both Rana Sanga and Toramana had already arrived.

SOMATIC ECOLOGY JOURNAL SPORTS AND MUTATION REPORT REPTILIAN HEREDITY REVIEW SUMMARY A case is presented for the interpretation of cross-economic relationships in a Bolivian mountain village as a manifestation of Mergendahler's Syndrome with the energising factors deweighted by religious, nutritional and Isolated genetic material is now available from GT for Rana palustris ay well as Rattus norvegicus albus.

Soon, the ghostly figure of Rana Harter appeared, at the edge of discernibility in the drone's crude night vision.

Their were many systems in place in case the hardlines were cut, but Rana was especially drawn to a colony of hardy, small, self-repairing machines that lived on the polar wastes around the facility.

Einstein mostrava di gradirli tutti moltissimo, anche se i suoi preferiti erano quelli di Parks e soprattutto, per motivi che né Nora né Travis riuscivano a comprendere, gli affascinanti libretti di Rospo e Rana di Arnold Lobel.

There was no love lost, he knew, between Rana Sanga and the Malwa Empire's spymaster.

Standing next to him, Rana Sanga cast a glance at the optical device in question.

This Rix-shape grew in Rana Harter's head, putting to shame the brainbugs of her earlier life, the mathematical parlor tricks to which the Empire put her ability.

Rana gasped and arched against him, reveling in the rigid flesh that brushed insistently against her backside.

Alongside that, there are five hundred and sixty-two native states like Rajputana, Mysore and Hyderabad, lorded over by an assortment of Nizams, Walis, Jams, Rajahs, Maharajahs, Ackonds, Ranas, Raos and Mehtars.

Rana smiled, knowing she'd just received a whole slew of children's books.

He knew, without a doubt, Rana was the woman from the cemetery, the same woman he'd had such an intense, unsettling reaction to.