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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Rampion \Ram"pi*on\ (r[a^]m"p[i^]*[u^]n), n. [Cf. F. raiponce, Sp. ruiponce, reponche, L. raperonzo, NL. rapuntium, fr. L. rapum, rapa, a turnip, rape. Cf. Rape a plant.] (Bot.) A plant ( Campanula Rapunculus) of the Bellflower family, with a tuberous esculent root; -- also called ramps.

Note: The name is sometimes given to plants of the genus Phyteuma, herbs of the Bellflower family, and to the American evening primrose ( [OE]nothera biennis), which has run wild in some parts of Europe.


n. (plural of ramp English) vb. (en-third-person singular of: ramp)

Usage examples of "ramps".

Passages, ramps, concourse, arcades and waiting rooms were all crowded.

There were two conductors near one of the passenger ramps, and one of these Calhoun sent back to attend to the baggageman.

Calhoun onto dark platforms, and up and under the ramps leading back into the lower concourse, away from them.

Battlements ringed each gate to close off passage to the gates and ramps above it.

Each ramp and gate was set back slightly from the ones below and, as the Elfitch rose toward the heights, it spiraled upward in a series of evenly measured turns that permitted each successive gate and ramp to offer some measure of protection through the use of longbows and darts to the gates and ramps beneath.

In times of peace, the gates to the seven ramps stood open, the battlements were left undefended but for a token watch, and the ancient stone grew thick with flowering vines.

Lined with the blank walls of warehouse backs and overpass supports, it is partially roofed by ramps leading to the upper levels of the Port Authority Bus Terminal, and is used exclusively to funnel traffic coming out of the Lincoln Tunnel.

Spartan was forced to maneuver the LRV up ramps, through a series of tight turns, and right to the very edge of a pit.

M808B Scorpion Main Battle Tanks, or MBTs, which rumbled down off the ramps, and threw dirt rooster tails up off their powerful treads as they growled into position within the screen established by the Warthogs.

A series of ramps led down through darkened hallways to the antechamber below.

We crossed the depot toward the loading ramps, being careful not to get too close together.

If, however, they instead concentrated on the slideway ramps and the floor where the attempted break-in was occurring.

Squinting out into sunlight past the edge of the drapes, he had a view of sandy embankments studded with some desert weeds, and supporting swooping concrete ramps that led up to a highway.

They quickly hauled the ramps down the slope and moved aside for the car to drive down onto the plain.

However, they might wise up and bring one of their ramps up into the town with them to reach the roof where many of us will be firing down upon them.