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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ Most mountaineers dream of climbing Everest.
▪ Sports equipment stores in Alpine towns cater for the needs of walkers, hikers and mountaineers.
▪ After treatment the mountaineer will be on the next flight home to join his girlfriend at the couple's home in Radley.
▪ An uphill task for the blind mountaineers.
▪ And she's now following the footsteps of one of the world's most successful mountaineers.
▪ As a metaphor for the modern mountaineer, the life of Captain Ahab has some disturbing parallels.
▪ But Joel was Shasta Llamas' resident naturalist mountaineer and survival specialist.
▪ Over 100 planning objections have already come from mountaineers and walkers.
▪ People who both ski and mountaineer, like myself, are fickle creatures.
▪ We were not in an ocean race, nor were we mountaineers who had set out to climb to a summit.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

mountaineer \moun`tain*eer"\, v. i. To live or act as a mountaineer; to climb mountains.

You can't go mountaineering in a flat country.
--H. James.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

c.1600, "dweller in mountains," from mountain + -eer. Verb meaning "to be a mountain-climber" is from 1803.


n. 1 Someone who climbs mountains for sport or pleasure. 2 (context rare English) Someone who lives in a mountainous area.

  1. n. someone who climbs mountains [syn: mountain climber]

  2. v. climb mountains for pleasure as a sport

Mountaineer (train)

The Mountaineer was a passenger train operated by Amtrak between Norfolk, Virginia, and Chicago, Illinois, via Cincinnati, Ohio. It was the first train to use the Norfolk and Western Railway's tracks since the creation of Amtrak in 1971 and followed the route of the Pocahontas, the N&W's last passenger train. Service began in 1975 and ended in 1977. A new train, the Hilltopper, operated over much of the Mountaineer's route but was itself discontinued in 1979.

Usage examples of "mountaineer".

Shelby and Sevier, with five hundred mountaineers, and these, with Horry and Mayham, were ordered to place themselves under Marion, to operate in the country between the Santee and Charleston.

Carelessly shoved in a pigeonhole I found another microcard that looked familiar, and when I slipped it mechanically into the viewer it turned out to be a book on mountaineering which, oddly enough, I remembered buying as a youngster.

Therefore, feuds are rather frequent, even between the coast villages, not to say a word of the cannibal mountaineers who are considered as real witches and enemies, though, on a closer acquaintance, they prove to be exactly the same sort of people as their neighbours on the seacoast.

The Mountaineer Lodge was an imposing fretwork of rafters, joists, beams, and purlins slotted together with hand-tooled joints: a modern version of the pioneer cabin, expanded to accommodate fifty guests in neo-rustic splendor, i.

Their barbarous manner of life rendered them much fitter than the Romans for subduing these mountaineers.

Sometimes in those mountaineering excursions with John to Zermatt, to Chamonix, to Grindelwald, I have found it in my heart to envy the unaspiring people who spend long days pottering about on level ground.

There was Mallory, who before the war had been a mountaineer, world-famous for his Himalayan exploits, and conqueror of most of the unclimbed peaks in the Southern Alps of his native New Zealand.

His voice at once announced that he was a Southerner, and from his fine stature, I thought he must be one of those tall mountaineers from the Alleghanian Ridge in Virginia.

All we need is a team composed of specialist Alpinists, Commandos, mountaineers and safe-breakers and what do we have?

Alps, mountaineers are said to use the ameboid configurations of elongated ant nests as pointers to the south.

Gaetano, which sustains our mountaineers, and renders them more happy amid their frosts and rocks, than thy Genoese on his warm and glowing bay.

Such weather would have tested the hardiest of mountaineers, but Kaiku was starving, tired, and under-equipped.

That first volume detailed how the lads penetrated the fastnesses of the Rockies, hunted big game and how they finally discovered the Lost Claim, which they won after fighting a battle with the mountaineers, thus earning for themselves quite a fortune.

As to the customary law of the Caucasian mountaineers, it is much the same as that of the Longobards or Salic Franks, and several of its dispositions explain a good deal the judicial procedure of the barbarians of old.

Fatty Irvin, mountaineer, had done a masterly bit of acting, not only failing at any time to spring one of his many-syllabled words, but speaking the native dialect so superbly that the Snows had been completely deceived.