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n. (plural of raki English)

Usage examples of "rakis".

A library lock was opened and information about Rakis came pouring out for Duncan.

Duncan knew what his guards and the others in the Keep thought about Rakis and the core of priesthood there.

In her third year with the priests of Rakis, the girl Sheeana lay full length atop a high curving dune.

For every milligram of melange produced on Rakis, the Bene Tleilax tanks produced long tons.

Ten thousand years since Leto II began his metamorphosis from human into the sandworm of Rakis and historians still argue over his motives.

One of the natural Reverend Mothers from the Fremen of Rakis had gone out in the Scattering.

None of those among the immediate attendants thought of this as education: Sheeana teaching the priests of Rakis and they teaching her.

And although she knew there were embassies of other powers on Rakis, the Bene Gesserit spies among her attendants made sure that Sheeana did not express too much interest in the Sisterhood.

The message from Taraza to her observers on Rakis was direct and pointed: "The generations of preparation have become the years of refinement.

Many on Rakis had seen Sheeana's arrival atop a wild worm from the desert.

The Sisterhood, artists in mythology, possessed on Rakis a ready-made energy to be subtly amplified and directed.

Among the Reverend Mothers on Rakis and those to whom they reported, this thoughtful look had an obvious interpretation.

Each was a small community spreading the established areas of Rakis farther and farther into the domain of the worms.

Tamalane reported profound changes moving through Rakis as people everywhere on the planet began praying to Sheeana instead of to Shaitan or even to Shai-hulud.

First, there was the Sisterhood's design for the ghola, largely unknown to him, but ranging somehow around the presence of a young female on Rakis who (so they said) could command worms.