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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Raki \Ra`ki"\, Rakee \Ra`kee"\ (r[.a]`k[=e]"; r[a^]k"[-e]), n. A kind of ardent spirits used in southern Europe and the East, distilled from grape juice, grain, etc.


n. A Turkey liqueur flavored with anise.


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Usage examples of "raki".

Raki say, then two quick strides and Raki gripped his shoulders, hard, intending to hurt.

But Raki was bigger, older, and early skilled in those torments that give older boys dominance in any gang.

Before Raki made apprentice, he had gone out with that group once or twice, and his father had taken him along to a tavern from time to time, but this was different.

He tried to imagine her with Raki, but in his mind no pictures took life.

Selis thought of Raki dropping on her with his little dagger, the narrow blade allowed apprentices on duty.

Selis had forgotten to be afraid, as Raki seemed to listen, but now Raki was moving, coming toward him, and he felt the same choking fear as before.

Before Raki could move, the Girdsmen had shifted, their heads coming up to focus on him.

Then Raki leaped across the platform, his dagger before him, between the two Girdsmen on that side.

Selis watched Raki move away between the two Girdsmen with a strange feeling of unreality.

On a round table in one corner there stood a long-necked porcelain jug full of raki, two glasses and some sweetmeats.

His mustache, chest and jacket were covered with vomit, raki and cigarette ash.

Here and there, too, he cracked a joke, here and there drank a raki, and went on his way with his fez still more to one side and his step still lighter.

It was an underground vault, with ledges and cushions all around, with a low table in the middle and a cupboard sunk hi the wall, where full bottles and raki glasses were always kept.

But Vendusos gave him a bottle of raki and several pounds of cod as payment, and the monk was pacified.

It bewildered him: night, the lemon raki, the partridge, the laughter behind the lattice, the creaking stairs, and suddenly in the doorframe a body, which swayed and filled the air with the scent of musk .