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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ Kali threw down her bunch of ragwort and it landed, splayed out limply, on the top.
▪ Nettles grew everywhere, and ragwort, and the wall itself was thick with plants growing in every available gap.
▪ One stable owner at Evesham in Worcester is having to clear ragwort from his land by hand.
▪ One story is told of a man who saw a leprechaun bury a purse of gold in a field of ragwort.
▪ When he returned, every ragwort plant in the field sported a red banner.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Ragwort \Rag"wort`\ (r[a^]g"w[^u]rt`), n. (Bot.) A name given to several species of the composite genus Senecio.

Note: Senecio aureus is the golden ragwort of the United States; Senecio elegans is the purple ragwort of South Africa.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

mid-15c., from ragged, in reference to the appearance of the leaves, + wort.


n. Any of a number of wild flowering plants with yellow flowers in the family Asteraceae, mostly belonging to ''Senecio'' and related genera.

  1. n. widespread European weed having yellow daisylike flowers; sometimes an obnoxious weed and toxic to cattle if consumed in quantity [syn: tansy ragwort, ragweed, benweed, Senecio jacobaea]

  2. American ragwort with yellow flowers [syn: butterweed, Senecio glabellus]

Ragwort (disambiguation)

Ragwort may refer to a number of plant species:

  • Certain members of the genus Senecio (ragworts and groundsels) including:
    • Senecio ampullaceus, Texas ragwort
    • Senecio cambrensis, Welsh ragwort
    • Senecio squalidus, Oxford ragwort
    • Senecio viscosus, sticky ragwort
  • Certain members of the genus Jacobaea (a segregate of Senecio):
    • Jacobaea vulgaris, (tansy) ragwort, a very common wild flower in Europe, widely naturalised elsewhere
    • Jacobaea aquatica, water ragwort, marsh ragwort
    • Jacobaea erucifolia, Hoary ragwort
  • Certain members of the genus Packera including:
    • Packera obovata, Roundleaf ragwort
    • Packera aurea, golden ragwort
  • Certain member of the genus Pericallis including:
    • Pericallis hybrida, common ragwort
  • Certain members of the genus Rugelia including:
    • Rugelia nudicaulis, Rugels ragwort, a wildflower found only in the Great Smoky Mountains

Usage examples of "ragwort".

I had long known the stupefying effect of bugloss, and old Wyrd had once told me that ragwort will make a horse go mad, so I used them both, and lavishly.

I had some ragwort and bugloss left over, so, just to make sure that I was giving the Walis-karja no parsimonious dose of those weeds, I mixed them in with the hanaf leaves.

If the bugloss and ragwort worked as warranted, the Walis-karja would probably still be demented and addled all day tomorrow, if not for many more days.

In suitable cases the Senecio not only anticipates the period, but also increases the quantity: and where the monthly time has never been established the Ragwort is generally found useful.

Whenever he rooted himself in a meadow of buttercups and poppies, or amidst purple monkshood and the peering, sightless faces of field pansies, or within sight of sweet pink clover and tufted violet vetch and sunny ragwort, it appeared at first that here was simply a gratuitous explosion of loveliness, to daze the bees and butterflies.

Ragwort had looked after the house ever since it had been built, and before that had been one of the select band of brownies looking after Bath Abbey.

Ragwort and Bodkin exchanged glances, not able to quite believe that the master of a great house like Bellevue Castle, which would warrant the attention of many brownies, would not know of such things.

Yet the red and black cinnabar moth has caterpillars which, while they are happy to eat innocuous weeds such as groundsel, are also ragwort specialists.

If used in the green state with Comfrey and Ragwort, the combination makes an excellent poultice for old wounds and inflammations in any part of the body.