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Raffi Cavoukian, (, born 8 July 1948), better known by his mononym Raffi, is an Egyptian-born Canadian singer-songwriter and author best known for his children's music. He has developed his career as a "global troubadour", to become a music producer, author, entrepreneur, and founder of the Centre for Child Honouring, a vision for global restoration.

Raffi (novelist)

Hakob Melik Hakobian ( ( classical); ( reformed); 1835 - 1888), better known by his pen name Raffi (; ), was an Armenian author, a prominent figure of 19th century Armenian literature.

Raffi (disambiguation)

Raffi, full name Raffi Cavoukian (born 1948), is a Canadian singer-songwriter best known for his children's music.

Raffi may also refer to:

  • Raffi (novelist), pen name of Hakob Melik-Hakobian (1835–1888), Armenian author and poet
  • Raffi Boghosyan, or Raffi, (born 1993), Bulgarian singer
  • Rafi (name), or Raffi, a name of Arabic origin